"Big instructor …" Green Shadow was obviously surprised by the ghost command. She didn’t expect the ghost to do this to her.

"Don’t start work soon?" Ghosts drink and two servants immediately go to detain Green Shadow.
"Wait a minute" suddenly took a cold drink and glanced at Lengqin, and said rudely, "And she, who is disrespectful to me, should be taken into custody."
"Arrest the seven instructors together" Ghosts didn’t want to decree.
Lengqin secretly breathed a sigh of relief and finally had a chance … to escape!
(please support the baby to finish several other "sky-high bait", "three into the giants guilty love displaced" and "have the guts to marry my witch to get married", all of which belong to the same column. Chapter 276 Step by step.
The four attendants walked to the park near the SUV with green shadow and lengqin under their arms. When the green shadow gnashed her teeth and passed by the evening, it was better than hating her eyes and staring at the evening. I couldn’t wait to cut her to pieces.
Lengqin is relatively calm. Her eyebrows are tightly set together and her eyes are sharp and staring at the evening.
It seems to others that the eyes are freezing cold and murderous. Sometimes Lengqin is worried about her safety. Even Lengqin is gone. That night is really a lonely battle. How can she protect the safety of her unborn child step by step?
Evening cold glanced at Lengqin for a second, and Lengqin realized what Evening meant. She wanted her to go at once.
Although Xi was not sure about their plan, Lengqin knew how high the reliability of Zun Wang was since he went to Qingcheng to meet Zun Wang Xi in person. Since the night situation was so chaotic, Zun Wang was left with two right-hand men, Ye Xiong and Lengqin, and he sent Ye Xiong to protect Xi, so Lengqin was absolutely very important to his plan.
Leng Qin holds the important chips in the success or failure of Zun Wang. Only with her can we contact those servants who are loyal to Zun Wang. Because this action is very critical, ghosts have been cautious, and it is difficult for headquarters to mobilize people. Leng Qin contacted these loyal servants who were night hermits all over the world in their early years.
In order to prevent the plan from leaking out, Leng Qin has always contacted these hermits in person and they set the signal, which Leng Qin knows.
Ghosts are suspicious by nature. At this critical moment, no one will believe that Lengqin will be more cautious in his actions. If he stays with him, it will be difficult to move. Moreover, once Green Shadow tells the ghosts about Lengqin’s whereabouts these days, the ghosts will definitely suspect that if she is asked to investigate the helicopter again, the clues will soon be exposed.
Suo Lengqin must, must leave here as soon as possible to meet the King.
"please, queen!" Ghosts raise their hands and respectfully invite the evening car.
The evening withered and yellow grass stretched out a long hand to touch the warm sunshine and looked up at the sky with emotion and said, "What do you think of the climate today, big instructor?"
"Sunny Wan Li, sunny and charming" Ghosts deliberately said for a long time.
"The most unpredictable thing in this world is the climate and people’s heart. Maybe it looks sunny now. Maybe Wan Li will change in a blink of an eye, and the storm will be like some people who may be loyal to you for one second and then turn their backs on you and kill you!"
Evening eyes slightly narrowed eyes staring at the ghosts cold lips hook Yin evil little smile.
Ghosts didn’t answer, but slowly approached and stared at the evening in a low voice, saying, "Don’t challenge my limit. It’s not only a king who has a temper. You should know what I respect you now, even if you are very beneficial, but once you offend me, I still have a way to deal with you …"
"Bang-"The ghost voice just fell not far away when there came a burst of blasting, and a bunch of blazing fires with thick smell suddenly jumped up to more than ten meters high and suddenly came here along the wind.
"Seven instructors escaped" Shi Tu shouted covering her nose.
"Hurry up". There was a trace of panic in the ghost’s eyes. Looking back sharply, he stared at Xi Sharp and said, "I really underestimated you. You actually know psychological tactics to divert our attention and let Lengqin escape?"
"Don’t look down on women, especially … Wang women, after learning from mistakes!" Evening laughed coldly and brushed the shoulders of ghosts, and took a leisurely car to watch the chaotic scene.
Not far away, there was chaos. The green shadow and the waiters who were holding them were poisoned by Leng Qin. There were a large number of attendants to track the ghost of Leng Qin. He was not sure about Leng Qin’s mind. Now he realized the seriousness of the matter. He would rather stand up and take risks than let Leng Qin escape, which proves that Leng Qin holds important chips.
"I must not let her get away, I want to live." Ghosts roared angrily.
"Yes," another large group of people followed after Canada. A group of people were less than 500, and their eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Can so many people get away with it safely?
"Back to the division" ghosts hit the door and sat in the opposite position of the evening. They stared at her sharply and started the car.
Now this car is full of ghosts, and he doesn’t have to hide it or beat around the bush.
Ghosts smile mercilessly chock evening cheek sepulchrally said, "incredibly dare to play tricks with me, you are now beneficial to me and I dare not touch you? Huh? "
"You can touch me at any time if you want," said Xi angrily, pushing his hand without showing weakness. "But if you touch me, everything will burn and everyone will die together. I’d rather die!"
"It’s good to have followed the statue of the king for so long. I really learned a lot from him and dared to threaten me." Ghosts are cold and smiling, and their eyes are shining with terrifying murderous look. "It’s a pity that you underestimate my means. I can always let you survive without asking for death."
The words sound just fell and the ghost eyebrows picked two waitresses and immediately held down the evening, tied her hands and feet firmly and tied her mouth with black cloth.
"Uh-huh …" The struggle of evening force is a buzz of panic.
"Don’t be afraid of the queen. I won’t do anything to you. Your flesh and blood is my most powerful chip. I will let you live well before your child is born." The strange sound of ghosts haunts my ears like a terrible ghost. "But I won’t let a woman threaten me to provoke me again. You must learn from me."
Evening angry stare at ghosts, trying to calm yourself down. Now she has fallen into the hands of ghosts, and she can resist with her own hands tied, and she can act according to circumstances and protect herself and her children.
"Never untie the rope, give her food or let her go to the toilet without my order." Ghosts grinned wickedly.
Evening consternation eyes wide open a panic ghost in my heart, so let her commit suicide to threaten him, and it won’t hurt her, but it will affect the fetus. Everyone knows that pregnant women are extremely hungry and always want to go to the toilet. It won’t be long before the evening will gradually compromise because of hunger and oppression.
(please support the baby to finish several other "sky-high bait", "three into the giants guilty love displaced" and "have the guts to marry my witch to get married", all of which belong to the same column. Chapter 277 Alternative friendship.
Lengqin rushed to the south with the SUV, and she dared not go directly to the secret base because there were too many pursuers behind her, for she was afraid of exposing the hiding place of Zun Wang.
Although she has a strong driving skill, there are too many pursuers behind her, and soon she is surrounded by people. She holds the steering wheel in one hand and the bone-burning god in the other. When the servants get close to her, they scatter poison and light the flame to escape.

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