When Zhuo Qiang’s attitude has become more friendly, "in this case, can this friend listen to Ge’s advice?" I’m really blind when I first arrived here. I’d be grateful if I could get your advice! "

After seeing that Zhuo Qiang’s words contained the meaning of consulting, the other party also gave Zhuo Qiang a coordinate very readily and said that after passing through the wormhole at the coordinate, he would meet three very close stars in a few days, and there were six planets around that star, and the third one was called Crystal Planet, and he wanted to know the answer and the information was very rich.
Hearing that the other party actually told himself such an informative Zhuo Qiang was so moved that he almost became brothers with the other party. Where can such a good man be found?
It’s a pity that this buddy can’t even see his true face. He said that he is a small captain in the mining department of Yunmengtuan, and his name is Arthur.
Although the other party seems to be an honest and good man, Zhuo Qiang signed up under a pseudonym called Aleu because he was too strong to be found to be from the earth.
After hearing this strange name, Arthur had no doubt that he had a chat with Zhuo Qiang and suddenly said that he had received a new spaceship and left soon.
"What a good man!" Zhuo Qiang praised the horse and ordered the Long Yun to go to Arthur to give him the coordinates. He wanted to see a real alien.
Arthur learned from the chat that this cloud dream group is a well-known big company in the Leo family star circle, and its activities are all over the Leo star circle, especially the edge of the Leo star circle, which is their most active place. Because this mineral planet is just beside the Leo star circle, they pay special attention to it.
Zhuo Qiang is puzzled by this. Why do they pay more attention to it the more marginal they are? Transporting some worthless minerals in distant places is not a waste of people and money. What is it? Maybe you can’t even earn back the energy you consume after a trip, so it must be meaningful, but it is not clear what kind of profound meaning it is.
According to Arthur’s coordinates, the Long Yun finally arrived there after more than two days’ journey. Sure enough, there was a huge wormhole with a diameter of over 200,000 kilometers, and even a 100-million-ton ship could easily pass through it.
The larger the diameter of the wormhole, the safer it will be. Generally speaking, a wormhole of 50,000 kilometers is not suitable for the spacecraft to pass directly. If you really want to pass, you must make great efforts to expand it. However, if you want to expand the wormhole of tens of thousands of kilometers, the technical problem is that this quantity is not affordable for ordinary interstellar countries.
After experiencing the feeling of passing through the wormhole again, Zhuo Qiang and them arrived at the other side of the wormhole.
Looking at everything as usual, Xing Zhuoqiang once again discussed the topic of wormholes, Christie.
"Wormholes really so many? Do you think it is a common phenomenon in the universe that we have found two wormholes in such a short distance? " Zhuo Qiang asked Christie for advice.
Christie replied, "if wormholes are rare, how can I travel to your earth from 200 million light years away?" If it takes ten days and a half months to get from one wormhole to another, but the two wormholes are hundreds of light years away, how many years do I have to travel for 100 million light years? Of course, there are many types of wormholes. Maybe a wormhole is not hundreds of light years or thousands of light years, but millions of light years or even hundreds of millions of light years, so there are naturally wormholes and they are relatively rare. "
Zhuoqiang, this just makes it clear that wormholes actually have levels, sizes and far and near points. It is these wormholes that make it possible to travel long distances in the universe.
But judging from Christie’s performance during this period, it seems unbelievable that she said she was traveling. Are travel lovers also interested in war? Zhuo Qiang doesn’t think so.
But she doesn’t want to talk about it at present, and Zhuo Qiang naturally won’t push her. When she thinks it’s appropriate, she may say it herself.
Science and technology is really the primary productive force. Zhuo Qiang believes that if the Long Yun is high enough, it can find wormholes from a long distance, and his Long Yun will run a lot less wrong roads.
After passing through the wormhole, as Arthur said, there are really three stars right in front of them next to each other. Of course, they are far away, but they are really close to each other compared with other stars.
With the target, Zhuo Qiang located the target accurately, and then Long Yun kept flying towards the middle planet.
"A horse can reach another planet with a high degree of extraterrestrial life and see a real alien. Think about how exciting it is!" Zhuo Qiang was immersed in fantasy.
Christie smiled. "Every planet is very different. Maybe only one or two of the 100 planets are very similar. Most of the time, their shapes and architectural styles are different, so even if you have seen three or five alien planets, don’t be knowledgeable!"
"Is it really so colorful? What you said makes me want to see hundreds of planets more! " Zhuoqiang haha laughed.
Although he was psychologically prepared, he was still shocked when he really arrived at the crystal planet that Arthur said.
This planet is really like a crystal, white as a crystal ball.
"Is this actually water?" Zhuo Qiang opened his mouth wide. How can this planet live? Isn’t the Higher Biology Department here full of fish?
Christie looked at his surprise and immediately laughed. "Do you think you look like Granny Liu entered the Grand View Garden? There are many such planets, and I have seen several. There is nothing to make a fuss about. "
"how did this planet form?" Zhuoqiang favour ask
"There are two reasons for this, one is that there is less water and the other is more water, which gradually forms this shape. There is a lot of water on this planet, and it is just like the earth. If the peaks of the earth are low and the sea area is large enough, wouldn’t it become like this when the polar glaciers melt?" Christie casually explained a to him.
Zhuo Qiang asked again, "Then why is the sea water of the earth blue and the water of this crystal planet white or almost transparent?" “
Christie replied, "the earth’s seawater is blue. It looks like blue because of atmospheric sunlight!" And this planet’s real gas may be very thin to show this kind. "
"No gas? How can you live without anger? But since they all live in the water, they naturally breathe oxygen in the water. Well, this is quite easy to figure out! " Zhuojiang guessed the correct answer and said confidently.
Christie didn’t comment on his words, but said, "Maybe you will know when you really go in."
Before he really got close to this crystal planet, Zhuo Qiang met three patrol ships in succession to intercept and ask him about his origin.
Zhuo Qiang already had Arthur’s standard answers. He said that he came from Babi Interstellar Federation to travel here and admire the wonderful scenery. He wanted to have a good time.
The patrol ship did not delve into the truth of his story, but let them enter the low earth orbit of the crystal star after a little questioning.
After entering the thin atmosphere, Zhuo Qiang slowed down the speed of Long Yun and enjoyed a world full of water.
He remembered that he had seen a film whose name seemed to be called "Future Water World", saying that the earth was flooded by seawater and all the cities sank to the bottom of the sea. It was really unexpected that this planet actually copied the fantasy world in the film into reality.
"Fortunately, my spaceship can enter the water unimpeded, otherwise it’s not easy to travel here." Zhuo Qiang muttered while carefully searching for what seems to want to see through the water.
He really wants to see if there are aliens on the surface of the water. If he hasn’t really entered this planet, the Long Yun will hit a bunch of advanced cultural creatures, which would be bad food.
Besides, he wanted to see if he could cross the water and see the mountains on the water, but he found nothing after looking for a long time.
"Slowly enter the water and closely observe the surrounding creatures and try not to touch them!" Zhuo Qiang carefully commanded the Long Yun to descend to the surface and slowly sink to the water.

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