Come here Ye Han face suddenly emerge with a smile "I said three thor adults have you had enough? If you have had enough fun, then go home and let me play! "

Yan Xin was amused by what happened just now, but she didn’t want Ye Han to suddenly shout out such a sentence, so she couldn’t help but give him a white look and then said with a face of shame and anger, "Hum, how dare a serious mortal openly flirt with Lord Raytheon? Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?"
"Ahem … I’m afraid I’m afraid not yet? Who is not afraid of thunder and lightning? The question is, are you willing to chop me? " Ye Han smell speech not only didn’t worry, but smirked and said
"Hum, you will know that you are glib!" After hearing what Ye Han said, Yan Xin immediately turned red and then gently snorted and simply ignored him.
Ye Han saw this busy floating body in the past put her arms around her waist and then whispered in her ear, "What’s wrong with my glib tongue? Why don’t you cut off my tongue? So I won’t do it again! "
Said Ye Han face and revealed a playful color and then added, "But you have to think clearly. If I lose my tongue, it’s not just me. Even you …"
As he spoke, his eyes inadvertently crossed Yan Xin’s chest and saw the rough waves on his chest. He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, then his hands slammed into his arms and smiled at the same time. "Let’s go. This will let you know that I am glib!"
Yan Xin was stunned by Ye Han’s eyes earlier, and now she is hugged by Ye Han’s arms, and she is still in her mouth. "If you talk nonsense again, I will ignore you tonight!"
After all, it’s a long night to offend anyone, but it’s the right thing to offend the women around him. But he can’t help mumbling, "Don’t say it, just don’t say it, just do it directly. Isn’t this more enjoyable and direct?"
Thinking about thinking about Ye Han’s arm suddenly burst into pain and turned to look at it. If you don’t look at it, you will feel even more painful. This inflammation is something bad to do and actually started a biting business.
Ye Han felt pain in his arm, but he didn’t really shout it. He didn’t really feel pain. After all, physical repair reached the limit, and this pain could have been ignored by him.
"Well, everyone is tired all day, so let’s go back and have a rest first!" Regardless of Ye Han’s return to Lengling and others, Yan Xin left her arms and said, this just turned and flew towards Yan Yunshan.
At this time, there is an unfinished palace in Yanyunshan, and those who built the palace have already rested in it. Ye Han said that before the palace was built, they all had to live here. Although some people had to live in the open air, they could do the same if the palace was built, and they could not just wait for the door ceremony.
They have already admired the Lord of Xingyuanmen in the future, and they dare not disobey his order, although it is not Ye Han himself but cold and cheerless.
If a person is still a leaf family, then he should know that Ye Han’s several women around him are cold and cheerless, and they naturally know that this is Ye Han’s future wife, and now she is building the future door of Xingyuanmen. Her words are tantamount to Ye Han’s words, which must not be disobeyed.
At this time, Xiaoli and others are still on the grass, on the one hand, to prevent someone from making trouble, on the other hand, they are waiting for Ye Han to return. Although it is not long since Ye Han left, their hearts are also extremely worried about what danger he will encounter.
At this point, it serves to show that they regard Lengling as a master of meta-body. Isn’t it too worthless that he is worried that he is in danger when he has a master of meta-body realm with him?
"No, I have to see it!" This time cold and cheerless people can still maintain stability, but Xiaoli is not more and more feel Ye Han will be in danger. Where can he sit still?
Then she got up from the grass and ignored whether cold and cheerless people would stop her, so she had to cast her flying tactic to fly away.
However, at this moment, three figures floated rapidly from not far away. Even when they came to the grass and saw these three figures appear, Xiaoli stopped his original thoughts. Instead, he smiled with a relaxed smile. "You are back!"
[65] 【 Night setting inflammation cloud 】
"I’m back!" I feel that Xiaoli dialect is a bit idiotic. I must have come back. If not, who else is here now? Ye Han thought like this in his heart, but he had to answer Xiaoli’s words for sure that he was back 【
Ye Han Xiaoli naturally learned from seeing Ye Han holding a woman in his arms, and this woman is obviously Yan Xin. Xiaoli can’t help but feel a little worried about this. Is this Xin Er sister injured?
It seems that I feel confused in Xiaoli’s heart. Ye Han patted Yan Xin, who was pretending to sleep in his arms, and then smiled bitterly. "Well, don’t pretend to sleep. Even if you pretend to sleep tonight, you can’t escape this robbery. I think you’d better accept your fate!"
Accept fate? Accept what life? Hearing this, Ye Han Xiaoli suddenly became more confused. Why is this Ye Han so strange? This question will soon be entangled in Xiaoli’s heart and will not be solved. However, it didn’t take long for her to find the answer by herself. Her face was covered with hongxia and she turned to Ye Han and simply ignored him.
Ye Han didn’t feel embarrassed when he saw it. He glanced at the same face in his arms, blushed and smiled at Lengling and others. "Well, let’s take a night off tonight. It is estimated that it will take three or four days to build here. We should be careful these days!"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, all the women looked at each other at once. Yes, we must be careful these days, but since we have to be careful, we must always be cautious. This Ye Han holds Yan Xin in his arms, and it is hard to believe that he will always be cautious.
It seems that I noticed that all the women’s eyes fell on Yan Xin and Ye Han’s heart suddenly burst into laughter. But at this time, he didn’t say anything, but went straight to a grass and put Yan Xin across the grass. Then he turned to Lengling and others and said, "Let’s arrange a law for the time being!"
Lengling and others smell speech immediately rushed Ye Han to a supercilious look, which seems to say that you know how to enjoy holding a beautiful woman there, but it’s hard for you to have this arrangement law so late. It’s unfair.
If you know what they are thinking, Ye Han will definitely directly complain that it is unfair, so come along! Unfortunately, however, he didn’t notice the women’s eyes at all to avoid being attacked by the women’s eyes. He had already turned his head, preferring to look at a woman rather than be looked at by a group of women.
Ye Han ignored Lengling and others and sat straight beside Yan Xin, facing the woman who had resisted the idea. He had never really been arrogant. If he wanted to put it in his home, he might do something, but this is the wild after all.
In a short time, Yan Xin also sat up and sat quietly beside Ye Han, leaning against his shoulder for a long time without saying anything, and Ye Han had no impulse to still sit there and quietly look at the distant sky.
"Alas, I don’t know when I can find the last star. I can vaguely feel that the ban on the moon, moon and yuan is about to be broken. If he has come out and we haven’t found the last star, the situation will be bad!" It took a while for Ye Han to express his worries.
Yan Xin is also worried about this, but after listening to Ye Han’s words, she can’t bear to snow with a smile. "My silly brother, you don’t really worry about it. Are we still fine now? Besides, you once said that you’ll cross the bridge when you come to it, and now you’re worried? "
After listening to Yan Xin’s words, Ye Han’s heart suddenly widened. Yes, Yan Xin can think so now, so how can she never let go? But he didn’t know that Yan Xin was so relaxed, but he didn’t know that the moon, the moon and the yuan magic were Xu. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to face it so easily.
At that time, Xiaoli and others have already arranged a defensive enchantment successfully. See Ye Hanyan Xin is sitting there snuggling up. Their hearts can’t help but move at the same time and look at each other, and then they also give each other a wry smile.
It seems that I have noticed that Xiaoli and others are busy approaching Ye Han and turned around and smiled at them. "Well, let’s have a good rest. Tonight, it’s just me and Xiner. You must take this opportunity to keep your spirits up. I don’t know what danger we will encounter!"
Lengling and others smell speech immediately leng leng see Ye Han a face of serious at that time can’t careless busy nodded and obeyed his meaning to find a place to sit up to prepare for the science of uniting the foot spirit to face all possible crises.
Seeing that they are all practicing Ye Han, I don’t forget to check a whole body’s defense barrier and find that there is nothing abnormal. After that, I can rest assured that I will first look at it and hold my arm on my shoulder, and then I will turn my attention to the distant day.
The night is shrouded in innocent beauty. I don’t know how long it has been. Ye Han hasn’t enjoyed such a beautiful scenery. It’s probably more than a year in his memory. At that time, it was also the time when Yan Yunzong was still alive.

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