Yang Yeyun is skilled in this interpersonal aspect! When I used to work everywhere to earn money, I looked at other people’s faces everywhere. After a long time, I not only learned to read and speak more clearly and forgive others, but also forgive others. Facing those opponents who are not villains, villains and bitches, I don’t have to make enemies and give them some faces properly, which may make them feel grateful and make friends.

This was the case when Yue faced the guards and commanded Yang Night. Later, the Tang Dynasty faced the generals in ancient times Li Zeyang Night, and now it is facing the crazy Yang Night. After that, I have seen the faint gratitude in my eyes.
"What are you doing? Crazy? " Yang night continue to smile and clap crazy Xiang shoulder like an old friend "you don’t want to try my strength? Did the Dark Lord really send you? Or do you want to do this yourself? "
Yang night throws a series of questions, which makes the crazy expression hesitate for a moment, and then the crazy smile. This is the first time Yang night has seen the crazy smile with his eyes bent up and his lips wide open, revealing a few sharp teeth, which really answers the old saying of the ancients-a smile is like crying.
Smiling and crazy, I also raised my hand and patted Yang night, then turned around and took a few steps to sit on a stone in the grass and looked up at Yang night to signal something.
Yang night also went over and leaned over to sit opposite the crazy Xiang without talking. He looked at the crazy Xiang and opened his mouth.
"Red Bi, I’ve come to tell you something about Ciren Valley." I was silent for a while and suddenly said, "Do you know that the Black Lord sent that crazy Ciren Valley to deal with you this time?"
Yang night nodded.
"This Ciren Valley is far more powerful than me. He is crazy. He has too many practitioners and various races." Crazy Sui continued, "I just tried your strength. To be honest, you are stronger than I imagined, but …" Talking, crazy Sui hesitated and pulled up a long sound.
"But what?" Yang night asked
"But although your strength is far beyond my imagination, it is not necessarily your opponent in Ciren Valley," said the crazy man sitting on a stone and leaning lightly.
"Is this crazy benevolence valley so powerful?" Yang night is also a little surprised. I don’t know if crazy is alarmist.
"Ciren Valley is powerful, which is not something you can imagine, nor can I shape it." Crazy and low-mouthed, his face showed a trace of lingering fear.
Both of them were silent.
It was Yang night that broke the silence. He slowly looked up at the crazy man and asked, "Then what did you come to me to tell me?"
"I want to tell you a few things." Crazy Sui also raised his head and said in a muffled voice. "First, you know that we have no identity when we cultivate officials, that is to say, Ci Rengu can’t replace a person who has lost his identity, but he can appear in a new identity, which should be easy for you to identify."
"Well this I know" Yang night nodded.
"Ci Rengu’s coming to the baby this time is self-serving, or are you the night raid and others the last one who is the identity of the baby? You know that the baby’s relatives are just ordinary human beings. It’s too easy for Ci Rengu to kill them. His personality will not be so chatty. First, kill the baby’s relatives. At most, it’s just a matter of taking care of them after finishing it."
Yang night nodded and looked at crazy. There was a feeling that what crazy said was not the point.
"As far as I know, Ciren Valley has arrived here before me, but he didn’t come to find the baby. The relatives must be waiting for you to appear. You should be careful that he will appear in front of you at any time."
Yang night don’t do nodded
"Cirengu also knows through the Lord of the Black Domain that you easily defeated Long Xiao of the scale clan and Furong of the flower clan. He is very interested in you." Crazy talk slowly got up. "And this time Long Xiao and Furong have also come to this place where they want revenge. You must be careful.
"Flower hibiscus?" Yang night one leng "impossible? She has not been taken to the Tang Dynasty and Xuanzong may have been executed! "
"No black domain Lord sent Xiushi to save her back." Crazy Sui shook his head. "Do you know that it is very easy for several Xiushi to go to ordinary humans to save Furong?"
Yang night slightly thoughtful silence suddenly eyes a cold "good! Long Xiao and Furong, right? Wait for them! I won’t let them escape so easily this time! "
Looking at Yang night with a sigh, "Red Bi, you want to be white, you are very emotional, but Long Xiao and Furong have no feelings to speak of. They will benefit you from this weakness and they know that you are your own identity, and this is also your own family …"
Yang night a surprised quickly looked up and asked, "what did you say crazy! Are you saying that Long Xiao and Furong will be bad for this Liyang family? They have nothing to do with me! "
"This is your weakness. They just want to lead you." They looked down at Yang Ye and said, "Long Xiao and Furong are different from Ci Rengu. They are unscrupulous and Ci Rengu is interested."
Yang night was surprised and worried that his head was white. He was contradictory and hesitant. Did Yang night, Yang Zhenkui, Yang Shan and Yang Xu and himself have it? If people like Long Xiao and Furong Zhen are bait, do you want to save them yourself? Although they are their own relatives, they are different. Their safety will definitely not affect their own family members. In this case, do you want to save them yourself? Is it necessary?
"Think it over for yourself" looked at the silent Yang Ye crazily. "I can’t say too much. I’ve betrayed the Lord of the Black Domain now. Once something happens, you have to face your own choices."
Yang night thinking suddenly stood up and looked at crazy Sui shouted "crazy Sui tell me! Where are Long Xiao and Furong now? !”
Crazy Sui shook his head. "I can’t say that they are my classmates. I’ve told you a lot. I’m a major in Black Field. You have to understand me."
Yang night mercilessly stared at crazy Xiang angrily and suddenly leaned over and punched him hard. He just sat on a stone, and the stone horse broke into powder.
"Red Bi, you saved my life once. This time I came to you to return this favor to you." Looking at Yang Ye, I said in a low voice, "We will be enemies again when we meet again."

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