Wang Haoxuan then hit the pagoda with a simple and solemn clock.

Dangdang Dangdang …
Thousands of sharp swords hit the big clock and a series of rapid golden bells rang out.
The royal artifact, the god king clock!
Although the God King Clock is an artifact, it didn’t reach 100% power after all. It was three seconds before the God King Clock collided with the pagoda of Yuan Emperor, and it was hit back to Wang Haoxuan’s body.
"Poof-"Wang Haoxuan one mouthful blood gush pale body toward the back out of the two or three steps.
Even three seconds is enough for Ouyang Xiu to complete the transfer. "Let’s go!"
Om-the white light flashed, and all the Wangs disappeared with Ouyang Xiu and Wang Haoxuan before the Yuan Emperor and the top ten Cang Yu.
"Damn it!" Yuan Huang’s face was ferocious. Obviously, he didn’t expect that he was accidentally rescued by two young players in front of his eyes. This face is big enough.
If the Yuan emperor moves to control Ouyang Xiu, even if Wang Haoxuan is brave again, there is no way to use the artifact to fight against ten.
In this way, not only the Wangs will not be rescued, but also Wang Haoxuan and Ouyang Xiu will be trapped here.
But this can’t blame the Yuan Emperor. Where did he want Lin Yu to recover half the strength of two artifacts in such a short time?
Hundreds of thousands of Yuan warriors were killed outside the city, but those magic warriors have been coming back from the dead. I was so angry that Yuan Fan really wanted to strangle Lin Yu himself.
Where is this fighting? It’s simply Lin Yu’s "terrorist points" playing suicide bombers.
Saw Lin Yu occupied the advantage, but their team disappeared, and Wang Guzhu disappeared outside the city.
Yuan Fan didn’t understand why Lin Yu retreated until his father appeared beside him with a smelly face. "The Wangs were rescued."
Yuan Fan’s face twitched steeply. Why did he add his father’s eleven Cang Yu’s strong men to rescue hundreds of people before them?
There is no way for Yuan Fan to comfort and say, "Father, we still have five cities with him. We must make it clear that we can’t let Lin Yu be so arrogant again!"
Yuan whoever the words sound just fell and he and Yuan Huang jade lit up.
At the same time, the two men hit the message handed by jade, and their faces became more ugly at the same time.
Those messages all convey the same message. All five hostages in his city have been rescued!
Yuan Fan, who was in a rage, couldn’t help screaming with blood. "Lin Yu Lin Yu-I’m going to kill you. I’m going to cut you to pieces and never live again!"
When the hostages of the six families appeared in the magic mirror and met with their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, they cried with joy.
They would never see them again in this life, but I didn’t expect Lin Yu to do them a big favor.
"Thank you, Lin Yugong!" The six families gave up their original dignity and knelt down to show their sincere thanks to Lin Yu.
Zhao Xiao also knelt down. Although he had the dignity of a strong man, that dignity had already been shattered in front of the Emperor Yuan.
If he doesn’t kneel at this time, it’s not only melodramatic, but also likely to be killed on the spot by Lin Yu.
Now Lin Yu is not what it used to be in Lin Yu.
This is a very secret place. If Lin Yu suspects him, he will never go easy on him.
Of all the people, only one person is wearing Luo Zhong.
Look at Lin Yu with an old face and a vicious look in his eyes, which is more fierce than a poisonous snake. "Lin Yu, don’t think I will be grateful to you, never!"
Lin Yu let others get up and walked beside Luo Zhong coldly. "Luo Zhong, I never thought of saving you, but those people in your family don’t want to give up on you. You can fuck off at any time. I’m not rare for your life, but you should give Luo Tao an innocence before you roll."
Luo Tao walked to come over and looked Luo Zhong straight.
The former grandfather and grandson have now become enemies, and they don’t give each other a good look when they meet.
Luo’s brothers urged, "Master, you will pay Luo Tao justice!"
"Hum" looked at Luo’s brother’s fawning appearance. Luo Zhong snorted, "Luo Tao is killing his parents and betraying his family. There is no innocence to tell!"
Even now, Luo Zhong is still unwilling to clear Luo Tao’s name.
He hates Lin Yu, and he also hates getting along with Lin Yu. Even if Luo Tao is his grandson, his meaning is very obvious. Even if he dies, he will make Luo Tao’s back on the charge of killing his father and killing his mother difficult for a generation.
Seeing that Luo Zhong has reached this stubborn level, Lin Yu will no longer talk nonsense with Luo Zhong. "In this case, I will not let you leave."
Lin Yu suddenly took a hand and patted Luo Zhong’s crown.
"Ah-"Luo Zhong screamed, his eyes were white and he was convulsing, but he couldn’t die if he wanted to die.
After more than ten seconds, a miniature Yuan soul was pulled out of Luo Zhong body by Lin Yu, and Luo Zhong body caught his hand, which made him die.
They swallowed a mouthful of air conditioning Lin Yu unexpectedly alive will Luo Zhongyuan soul stripped from the body so it is cruel!
Zhao Xiao’s forehead was full of cold sweat, secretly glad that he was smart enough, otherwise it would be worthless to end up like Luo Zhong.
Even if the soul of the Yuan Dynasty is still screaming, "Lin Yu, don’t be crazy, you won’t die a natural death!"
"Luo home everyone looked at this is what Luo Zhong did to Luo Tao." Lin Yu was too lazy to listen to Luo Zhong scold his palm and pinch Luo Zhong’s daylights out!
These scattered Yuan souls are flying around, quickly condensing and forming, presenting him as scenes of plotting against Luo Ronghua, framing Luo Tao and killing Luo Tao’s mother.

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