"Don’t mention it. It’s my fault that I’m late to apologize." Izriel didn’t refuse Chen Senran’s friendship. He gave Chen Senran a hug gracefully, and even his face, which used to be like a dead man, pulled out a very stiff smile. "Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since we met Mr. Chen Senran. We must have a good chat, chat, forget, ah."

Everything has been like a touching scene when old friends meet and tears cross their eyes, but even Galen couldn’t help but frown when Izriel waved his precision Heicks technology arms and slapped Chen Senran’s shoulder to say the last sentence.
Because everyone can feel that the last sentence of reminiscence is so gnashing his teeth at Isoriel’s simulated magic sounds are noisy for a moment.
"Sure, sure," Chen Senran was not intimidated by the coldness and bloodthirsty that Izriel gave off. He let go. Izriel took a step back and still smiled so brightly. "We must have a drink and tell interesting stories in the past."
The fact is that at the moment when the big trouble of Isoriel landed, Chen Senran had already thought of a favorable condition for himself, that is, Galen was on his side. If it is said that Pierre Wolff’s long-standing friendship with him almost caused great disaster, it is not enough reason for Galen to help him deal with Isoriel. Then it is enough for Galen to help himself by using Catalina as a chess game, or it is even possible for Galen to move some imperial forces in Demassia.
At this time, even if you are blind, you can see that these two good-looking guys almost cried, but in fact, they have secretly made bad friends to the point where they must be solved by some extreme means.
However, Galen doesn’t know what happened at this time. Besides, Izriel has always had a good name. Although he is on good terms with Chen Senran, it’s hard to say anything at this moment.
It’s not surprising that Chen Senran is so reckless about Izriel. Since the other party is determined to come back for revenge, he must know something about his present situation, so it must be intentional for Galen to know his true face.
Plus his usual good name, the great strength he showed today, even if he went a little too far and said directly to Chen Senran, "I’ll kill you and clean your neck and wait", it’s not surprising.
"Ahem …" Galen finally broke the sudden deadlock, and he started to walk back with his big sword.
After all, the most important thing now is to clean up the mess. Besides making the wounded soldiers need medical treatment, how to deal with those Snow Mountain Alliance people who have been completely abandoned by the Noxas is also a problem.
"By the way, Mr. Isoriel, you shouldn’t be alone, should you?" Galen took two steps and suddenly thought of this problem. Although Izriel is strong enough, it really doesn’t make sense if Pieterwolf really sends someone.
I didn’t expect this question to be asked without asking. Izriel’s original lifeless eyes suddenly shot a fine mans. He seemed to be stunned for a while before saying "Kettering …"
Before Galen could continue to ask anything, he heard a slight prick.
For a moment, Izriel suddenly rushed out of the blue flame at his feet and behind his back, which led him to rise to the sky again, and then this guy, who has been completely transformed into a scientific artificial man, disappeared into the snowy day like that.
Leave a dim blue arc of light, which has cut through the snow for a long time. The cloudy day indicates that he is rushing towards the northeast.
"He seems to be in trouble." Chen Senran glanced at Isoriel’s broken direction and put away the emerald sword that almost saw blood.
"You also seem to be in trouble" Galen glanced at Chen Senran and turned his head.
"No, we are in trouble." Chen Senran corrected the mistakes in Galen’s words.
This sentence made Galen stunned by Chen Senran’s footsteps beyond the past. He looked at the back of the slightly thin man and felt that this guy was unfathomable.
The snow is overwhelming.
When the snow was overcast, Dreius came back to God and aimed his ferocious axe at the man with the golden hammer among the three uninvited guests across the street.
Hearing the withdrawal order a moment ago made his heart jump, and he vaguely felt that something seemed to be wrong.
However, he meticulously tightened the tomahawk theory again. Anyway, in the battlefield, he believed in Svein extremely. After all, the lame guy saved himself more than ten times.
And his strategy has neve failed.
What is urgent now is to kill these three eyesores first, and then go back to Svein to find out that it is not too good to be kept in the dark all the time.
"He seems to have succeeded." The rigorous man who has been holding the golden hammer and called Jess certainly heard the loud horn. He couldn’t help but whisper, but his sight didn’t dare to move half an inch in front of his eyes, but he was known as the strongest man in Knox SAS Army.
Just looking at each other like this makes him feel great pressure, just like facing a quiet beast. You never know when its claws will stab you in the head.
"Well," Catelyn was relieved, but she could never notice that Jess’s face turned ugly at that moment with her back to her.
"Let’s take care of our own affairs." The woman with a pair of fierce gloves jumped up and down in the same place. There was a flash of blazing flame in her eyes, which seemed to be very eager for the next battle
Just as the two sides were on the verge of exploding, suddenly there was a croak on rotine again behind Dreius.
Snow after snow
Don’t let others tell you that you can’t make it.
I like this sentence.
That second on page one hundred and seventy-two is amazing
The bearer is Svein, a lame man who walks slowly from the top of the mountain on crutches and snow. As he walks, he still has time to tease the crow standing on his shoulder
His confidants, the assassins of Noxas, followed him everywhere. They didn’t carry those heavy green magic launchers with them. Obviously, they gave up those things and traveled lightly.
"Something wrong?" Dreius knew that all that shit was from xavier, didn’t he? Hart got it from that old ghost, and now he sees Svein so inexplicably giving up adding the horn of retreat before, and his impatience is unbearable to ask the truth.
"Well," Swei nodded noncommittally, apparently not interested in answering Dreius’s words. He glanced at the original aggressiveness, but became a little uneasy because he appeared, precisely, the hundreds of members of the Noxas assassination team behind him. The Pieterwoff trio stopped in front of them.

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