I promise I will never be angry with you again.

"Little Sensen …" The little girl’s face was full of tears. She slowly turned to look at it and blew Chen Senran a kiss to Evelyn’s eyes. She said calmly, "You will die."
Evelyn froze. At that moment, she was the ultimate predator. She actually felt a little scared.
"You, want, die" is accompanied by this sentence. It is a strong flame that will evaporate at a glance. The flame suddenly spurted from Anne’s mouth and went straight to Evelyn.
That amazing speed made Evelyn hide. The woman who seemed to be in control from the appearance finally showed a scream of horror.
The flame climbed her blue skin and instantly covered her whole body, but she rolled all over the floor but couldn’t put out the extinct flame.
That is a girl’s fiercest anger.
Evelyn screamed and echoed throughout the room, but little Annie stopped going to see her and went to the burning Chen Senran’s side.
Zhao Xin sighed and didn’t expect to fail in the end.
Hasta approached Evelyn with a sullen face. He wanted to see her off for the last time.
At this time, a circle of colorful brilliance lit up beside Evelyn. A man wearing a black hat and a gold-rimmed ceremony appeared in front of everyone. He flew out a card with a blue brilliance and instantly extinguished Evelyn’s flame. At the same time, he didn’t look at taking off his hat. He made a standard mainland ancient bow ceremony "Lucky Goddess is smiling"
"Good afternoon, everyone." The man playing cards pulled Evelyn up and touched her head with some love, but Evelyn didn’t good the spirit dumped her.
Smoke all over Evelyn furious tunnel "you damn fool didn’t know I almost died until now"
Just now, the handsome man suddenly came to please, "I know I was wrong."
Hasta, however, dare not look down on this man in the slightest. If he remembers correctly, there is a person in mainland China who is Twisted Fate Twist, a notorious gambler and a terrible fate distorter. His magic is powerful and frightening.
"I didn’t expect Mr. Drizzt to collude with such a buffoon." Hasta gathered her hands in her sleeves and slowly condensed the horror thunder magic.
Zhao Xin made a charge posture. Little Annie stood up again and greeted Boss to surround the dog men and women.
It is impossible to let them go today.
"Wow, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
"Well, that’s it. Goodbye, everyone." Drizzt waved gracefully. "Today is my lucky day."
Before several other people could react, the dog men and women suddenly disappeared into the air.
Zhao Xin was just about to charge, and he froze in the middle and almost fell down. Hasta’s thunderstorm almost hurt his own hand.
Little Annie ran back to Chen Senran.
But it is strange that Chen Senran’s burning is still intact.
Hasta first discovered this, and Zhao Xin noticed that only Little Anne was still crying there.
Just as little Annie was crying herself hoarse, Chen Senran moved her hand for a while, and then his body flame faded completely, and even his clothes were not wrinkled. Chen Senran showed an expression of great batting practice. He touched little Annie’s tearful face and said, "Oh, who bullied me? How did little Annie cry like this?"
Little Annie stood there for a moment with magic, and then she heard it.
Chen Senran instantly screamed, "You are a dog and bite me."
Zhao Xin and hasta laughed at each other.
The first chapter is more than three thousand words
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Page 25 sunny and corrupt life
Apart from the gray order of a burnt-out house, nothing was lost in this confrontation between Demacia and Noxas, but Demacia’s friendship was gained.
Zhao Xin was completely at a disadvantage in the final negotiation, and he didn’t bother to struggle. The idea of bringing Chen Senran back to demasia in the original plan was naturally rejected without hesitation.
However, it was an excuse that the agenda was closed. The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on demasia and the gray order alliance to jointly deal with Noxas, including information sharing, demasia’s urgent need for material assistance for the gray order, and so on, which also strategically broke the situation that Zuan of Noxas alliance bullied more and beat demasia less.
In order not to let Zhao Xin finish this trip, Chen Senran said that if he was awesome, he would not be enemies in Germany and Malaysia. Of course, this verbal promise was to soothe Zhao Xin’s injured heart, because after all, no one knows whether Chen Sen will be really awesome. Maybe he was a blacksmith and accidentally nailed a horseshoe, which led to the commander-in-chief of Knox, burnham? General Duckwell fell off a horse and died, and then Noxas collapsed in an instant.
Of course, from the surface, Noxas Zhao Xin still took a magic apprentice who knew about this matter back as a hostage, Chen Senran body double, but from one point of view, this guy could die at any time, either because of the gray order and Demacia’s face or because Noxas sent someone to assassinate him.
Chen Senran always looked at the magic apprentice who felt lucky and was sent by the boss to demasia on business. He felt really miserable.
Zhao Xin and the magical apprentice figure soon disappeared at the end of the sunset wilderness. hasta turned to look at Chen Senran and finally talked about the flame of hope. "If I knew what you were in the past, I would definitely give you to Noxas without hesitation, and maybe I could return to that terrible place."
Chen Senran doesn’t care about hasta’s * * naked hair covering the truth. The process is not important, but the result is important.
As a result, Chen Senran’s value exceeded hasta’s expectation, and Chen Senran got a permanent residence in the gray order and became hasta’s right-hand man.
So Chen Senran smiled and said nothing.
Hasta was silent for a moment, watching the sunset glow in the distance, reflecting his face strangely and inexplicably.
"Annie is almost thirteen years old …"
"After this winter, she will go to the War College."
"Blame me me …" hasta sighed. "I hope you go with him." His own daughter got Chen Senran, but now she wants to send Chen Senran to the War College because of her daughter.
In a sense, Hasta lost the deal, which is not as good as his style.
"Don’t you feel a loss?" Chen Senran touched his nose.
"Loss?" Hasta shook his head. "When you get to my age, you will know that no matter how big you are, sometimes you don’t have a good life for your children. At the beginning, it was considered that I was carried away by force. I was also a person who couldn’t even protect my own daughter and talked about hegemony."
At the moment, Hasta gathered away the gloomy and deep face, full of self-mockery.
The autumn wind is gradually rising in the wilderness. Chen Senran glanced at Hasta and found that this man who seems to be always confident is a little old.
"Well," Chen Senran smiled a little warm. "Actually … I’m a little reluctant to part with this little girl."
The next day is when Chen Senran is in the most comfortable period of gray order, hasta won’t bother him again and urge him to practice quickly. Hasta also wisely didn’t ask about his physical abnormality.
Chen Senran’s daily life is to sleep until he wakes up naturally, carrying his own not-so-comfortable diaphragm-backed wide-backed chair with merlin winery, and going to the white rose garden to watch for a while, practice for a while, and then sleep when he is extremely sleepy. You can also flirt to see your little Annie.
This is simply the dream of many people. The only regret of life is probably that Annie is too young.
Otherwise, the beauty of red wine is on the side, so it’s really not for a god.

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