At this moment, he has to deal with at least a dozen attacks at the same time. When he thinks about it, he feels big. I really don’t know if he can rush out.

Chitong has become a big circle in the air, colliding with all the attacks that fly like water, and the fire cloud knife acts in the inner circle, picking up the attacks that escape the net.
For an instant, it was all Guanghua and crash. Xiao asked that there was no idea in his mind, just trying his best to defend himself!
Suddenly, a breeze came on my face, and all the brilliance in my eyes disappeared. There was no one in front of me. Xiao asked in astonishment, "Did you rush out?" Nan Yunqing’s voice immediately came from behind him: "They couldn’t keep up with the speed of the hissing wind, and most of the attacks were behind the hissing wind." Xiao Wenben thought it was his own kung fu, but he didn’t abandon his grace when he heard it. He was about to speak, but he saw that the thousands of disciples of Yangzong were already scattered and began to chase them … At the moment, more and more dazzling Yangzong disciples flocked to the top of the mountain, scattered in the air like ants, and it was obviously not long before the top of the mountain had no place to hiss.
Don’t say anything, hurry up and do some damage is excellent thing, take advantage of it and leave! !
"Go to the palace above! !”
At this time, the hissing wind also slightly slowed down, and immediately changed direction after hearing Xiao Wen’s words, and rushed towards the magnificent nine-ri palace at the top of the mountain.
Haven’t arrived at the convenience of first met the people under siege, but Xiao Wen is not a vegetarian, what’s more, the hissing wind is not devoid of means of attack and defense. When Guanghua started, the crash and exploding sound of the fairy became one piece, but the speed of the hissing wind did not decrease, and it really rushed over!
In order to well contain as much as possible, the disciples of Xuanyang Sect were completely dispersed, but this also led to their insufficient number of local people, who could not stop the hissing wind and Xiao Wen!
Someone immediately made a noise to command, and Xiao asked to listen to the voice, but it was still familiar. Then suddenly I remembered that it was definitely J and NG, who was the first stone iron than the true fairy of Hyun Yang Zong!
But recognize it, Xiao Wen didn’t mean to stop the hissing wind at all. In a short time, the hissing wind was taking him and Nan Yunqing to the top of the Nine Ri Palace!
There are nine main halls, back halls and partial halls in Ri Palace. The most magnificent one is the main hall, which is made of perfect gold. It looks like it is completely made of gold. If ordinary people see it, they will probably kneel down in fear!
Xiao asked, but it was destroyed, so he rushed directly to the main hall of Jiu Ri Palace. But when he saw the golden brick glazed tiles on the top of the hall, it seemed that every small tile was priceless. There was a golden phoenix carved on the left side of the hall, but a three-legged firebird in the middle, which was more imposing than that dragon and phoenix!
"To make the firebird! ! !”
Shaw’s question didn’t finish, and the hissing wind had already flown there. Obviously, it also felt that the firebird was the most trap to feel avenged!
The speed of the hissing wind is too fast. The true fairies of Hyun Yang Zong just want to chase and can’t catch up. They can only intercept countless people coming here at this time, but they can only watch Xiao Wen mention the firebird knife and cut it to the neck of the firebird!
"Don’t! ! !”
"Animal responsibility! ! !”
The true immortals and immortals of Hyun Yang Sect have cursed, and some have been completely silent, just because they understand the meaning of the firebird better than outsiders!
Xiao asked but don’t need to understand, he just needs to know that Hyun Yang Zong destroyed all the buildings in nine of their 19 veins!
The knife shadow flashed!
"Choke! ! !”
"Whoosh, whoosh, …"
Seeing that his firebird knife was bounced off, but the firebird only left a shallow mark on its neck, Xiao asked, "I’m cāo!" ! !” Is this Nine Ri Palace made of fairy materials? !
The next moment, the attack of the hissing wind also greeted the firebird. After the flame disappeared, the firebird still did not move …
Then they have no chance to attack, because those who don’t go to dazzle Yangzong will completely block them …
The hissing wind immediately rushed toward the place where there were few people, and it brought up a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane Guanghua and a burst of exploding, and finally rushed out of the crowded place to the periphery.
No one knows that the battle on their side has already attracted much attention! To some extent, it may even have a decisive influence xìng the war situation!
The reason is very simple. Bai Gongquan has made up his mind to solve the battle in the sky, which must not affect the inheritance of his own veins. People who have been fighting with the sword Sect in the sky have been fighting for it. Zong Wangren also has his own ideas. If he does not gain a certain advantage in the main battle, he will rush down to retaliate against xìng for destroying the foundation of Xuanyang Sect. With the help of the law, Xuanyang Sect will definitely establish an advantage little by little, so they must first defeat Xuanyang Sect from the main battle before they can talk about rushing down.
However, the hissing wind took Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing to the mountain protection circle of Xuanyang Peak under such circumstances! If the true immortals and 1 little fairy on Xuanyang Peak can’t stop them, then Xuanyang Sect will have to send the fairy to solve it, but at this time, the main battlefield is in a delicate balance, and those deserters are all holding on. They simply can’t hide that their families are out of the battlefield. As long as their families run first, no matter what the reason, they will want to run with them!
Now the results have come out. Although the low-order disciples of Hyun Yang Zong can’t stop the hissing wind and Xiao Wen, they can’t do any damage to the Nine Ri Palace at all with their ability!
At this moment, the low-order disciples of Xuanyang Sect can even let Xiao Wen and the hissing wind destroy the Nine Ri Palace, which will have any effect if they are exhausted …
Bai Gongquan finally breathed a sigh of relief and paid more attention to the positive battle.
And at that time, the hissing wind took Xiao Wen to the statue of indomitable spirit in front of the nine Ri Palace on the peak of Xuanyang!
No one knows that the person who really changed this war situation did not appear in anyone’s sight at all. At this time, he was still halfway up Xuanyang Peak.
Yang Rong!
No one wants to raze Xuanyang Sect more than Yang Rong, who is full of pride in his heart! ! !
So, he devoted himself to this action! ! ! (To be continued.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Broken head (these chapters are written with great feeling)
On the way to catch up with the deserter of Hyun Yang Zong, Yang Rong chased a fairy to the ground. After solving the problem, he never rose into the air again, but dressed up in disguise, mainly by putting on the other person’s clothes, smearing some blood on his face, and then rushing from low altitude in the direction of Hyun Yang Zong.
In order to avoid being killed by one of his own, he went around to Xuanyang Sect from another direction. He looked at the Xuanyang Sect and his own people in the sky from a distance, and there was only one thing on his mind.
Will nest in my heart that almost blew his chest anger vent out! ! ! !
He is not a good-tempered man, which he knows very well, but he doesn’t care.
I only practice my own, and I don’t take the initiative to provoke others. Even if I have a bad temper, what does it have to do with the world?
Therefore, he has been living with pride and pride.
However, this time Xuan Yangzong really set fire to his explosive barrel!
As a disciple of Ming Jianzong, he has a strong sense of belonging, and the fifth position of Ming Jianzong’s twenty-seven cases may be one of the sources of his pride.
This is my clan, the great clan I love, and no one can infringe on it! He had this idea just a few years after he joined Ming Jianzong, and it turned out that no one dared to move Ming Jianzong.
That’s good.

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