Qi Lao smiled, and then flew down, letting Xiao Lingyu and other descendants of the earth stop attacking.

"Just for one person, you are so fighting, is it worth it? Even if you win, you will lose more than a dozen immortals. " LanYao fairy sneer at a way.
Xiao Lingyu calmed down and felt a little guilty.
"Hum! You have shown a strong side, but it will also alert all forces in the celestial world. I will see how you respond in the future. " LanYao fairy cold hum a way.
"Don’t talk nonsense, please come out and I’ll remove the ghost seal for her." Fairy Lanyao is not in the mood to argue any more.
Xiao Lingyu took Anya a few steps forward and came to the front of Lanyao Fairy.
Fairy Lanyao didn’t do much action, but the colorful sleeves swept away in Anya’s head, and the fog that surrounded Anya’s soul disappeared.
"If you had promised to lift the soul seal before the war, we would have left, but now we have lost so much. Does the fairy think it’s over?" Xiao Lingyu will Anya please into the house of god again, and then said.
"We don’t ask for your fairy stones or sacred stones, nor do we ask for your fairy treasures or artifacts. We just ask you to apologize for this."
Lanyao Fairy is more willing to accept compensation for fairy stone or magic stone, but now she has no choice, so she hesitated for a long time and nodded her head.
Mei Ling, the culprit, has already been killed, and Tianxiang Gate has suffered heavy losses. Not only has the compound been turned into ruins, but nearly forty strong people in the Xiandi period have also died. In addition, the apology of Lanyao Fairy will make Tianxiang Gate lose face. Both Xiao Lingyu and Qi Lao feel that it is enough, and it is not necessary to continue fighting. After all, no matter how you fight, Lanyao Fairy will be fine, but the strong people of the earth descendants cannot have no more casualties, so apologize in Lanyao Fairy.
After the first world war, Xiao Lingyu, with the strong support of the descendants of the earth, forced the Lanyao fairy to remove the soul-shifting seal on Anya with a tough stance that shocked the celestial world. Although she succeeded, she also completely tied him to the descendants of the earth.
Ask for gold medals, collections, recommendations, clicks, comments, red envelopes, gifts, all kinds of requests, whatever you want, come here!
Xiaofei has written a lot of books, and his character is absolutely reliable.
There are many things to send, especially more gold medals. Xiaofei will definitely add more.
Chapter 527 Siblings and my family
? Chapter 527 Siblings and my family
Fairy Lan Yao knows that the other side will not let it go. After all, the other side has won, and the defeated side will never have any confidence in the negotiation, because if we continue to fight, Fairy Lan Yao may be fine, but other disciples of Tianxiangmen will surely be slaughtered, so she is very rational and tunnel: "What are the conditions?" ……
Chapter 528 Bath and fire refine the golden body
? Chapter 528 Bath and fire refine the golden body
However, a burden has been unloaded, but there is another heavier burden on the shoulder.
It may be because Xiao Lingyu has experienced a lot over the years, and he is more familiar with his own realm. It may also be because this relaxation has opened his mind. In short, after traveling for a period of time, Xiao Lingyu’s cultivation is like water …
Chapter 529 Chaos in the early days of God 1
? Chapter 529 Chaos in the early days of God 1
However, Qing Xuan is more curious. Xiao Lingyu is a Taoist priest, while Anya is a serious monk in kendo. How did they double-cultivate? Since Anya has soared to the celestial world, it proves that she is a fairy sword, not a magic sword …
Qing Xuan is a woman with poor patience and a straightforward person …
Chapter 530 Chaotic God Early 2
? Everything that can be prepared, Xiao Lingyu is ready, and whether it can be promoted smoothly can only be seen by luck.
Then put all the magic crystals brought by yourself from the underworld in your whole body, and Xiao Lingyu spread his arms, while controlling the operation of the mind, while the palm emits suction, absorbing the energy in the magic crystal into the body.
Also luckily Xiao Lingyu prepared the magic crystal before he came to the celestial world, so today he can absorb it so wantonly.
Chaos magic baby is a purple-black chaos true fire, entrenched in the center of the whirlpool, transforming and offering the power of the constantly compressed magic spirit in the whirlpool.
As long as the preparation is sufficient, the danger generally does not appear at the beginning of the impact realm, and so does Xiao Lingyu’s impact.
At this moment, the abdomen can’t contain and restrain the impact of chaotic magic and chaotic true fire, which makes Xiao Lingyu’s whole body suddenly burst, and the powerful momentum surges out from the body. Fortunately, he is in the house of God, otherwise, there will be great movement.
This five-color flower is a miracle. As the most ideal main material, it can also increase the success rate of Xiao Lingyu’s impact.
Then, the energy of the five-color flowers began to run according to the nine-turn chaos tactic, and went to Xiao Lingyu’s abdomen, and gradually merged into a new chaotic magic baby.
It may be that Xiao Lingyu is well-prepared, and the materials he prepared are all carefully selected, or it may be that God has blessed him. A new chaotic baby will soon be formed, and there are five flower bones with different shapes and colors, hovering over the head of the chaotic baby in a sparkly way, and throwing the next circle of miraculous brilliance.
These dharma spells are also recorded in the Nine-turn Chaos Tactics. It is said that through constant chanting, you can understand the chaos and reason in the dharma spells, and then make a breakthrough in your soul realm.
At present, the new chaotic magic baby has just formed, and it is still in a state of self-isolation. Before he wakes up, Xiao Lingyu must understand the chaos in the spell, otherwise the new chaotic magic baby will explode and Xiao Lingyu will follow suit.
Without this understanding, with all the preparations made by Xiao Lingyu, it is almost certain to impact the chaotic deification period. It is with this understanding that he has made such great efforts and only achieved a success rate of 60%.
However, this achievement method itself is definitely not wrong, so Xiao Lingyu patiently insisted on reciting it.
Xiao Lingyu knew that her recitation had an effect, so she continued to recite and felt carefully.

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