Pei gave Nalan Yunhua a twitching look at her warm mouth. So this man is Master Yunhua, the old man he said was dead? What do they have against each other that they should call each other …

"Teacher … teacher? ….. You … "Pei warm forefinger in NaLanYunHua and the old man moved back and forth.
The old man seems embarrassed to go around his head. "Hey, hey, daughter-in-law, I forgot to introduce myself. It’s this smelly superfine product. Hahaha ~ ~"
"I don’t have a teacher like you." He’s such a stingy and wonderful teacher. NaLanYunHua never admitted that NaLanYunHua’s faint voice didn’t make a stir, but it made the old people feel angry.
"Smelly little bastard for so many years, you still don’t recognize me. If it weren’t for you, you must teach you a lesson! Hey! " The old man wanted to poke NaLanYunHua’s head, but he seemed to be afraid that his indifference could be robbed in the virtual poke.
"Goo goo …" Even the group couldn’t help calling out a few.
"Yi ~ ~" seems to have found Tuan in "this little thing is good"
As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the group that seemed to be slow for a second in the past, but it had already fallen into the hands of the old man who burned the silence, and he still grabbed the group’s two small ears
"Hissing ….." Tuan was angry. What happened just now? It tried to hide. Why didn’t it? Woo-hoo, it hurts to pull its cute little ears!
However, there are also people who are holding the group’s ears so that they won’t be bitten by the group. Nangong Yinfeng is surprised to see that this old man who claims to be Nalan Yunhua’s master is really unfathomable. What kind of alternative would it be if Nalan Yunhua got rid of his body poison?
Pei Wennuan couldn’t bear to look at the group’s poor eyes for help. "Master, this is me. Don’t be so hard on it." I stretched out my hand to take over the group, but it was burned in the past.
"Ha ha, this little guy is good. I’ll borrow the old man to play for a few days and return it in a few days." Said the figure and disappeared into the hall.
"Goo goo …" The last pitiful sound of staying in the group was dissipated in the hall with the breeze.
"It’s a friend. He … how did he say take it away?" The Nangong Silver Wind chased a few steps before only to find that there was no root burning in the hall, and he couldn’t resist swearing, and his heart was also worried about comfort.
"Don’t worry that the dead old man won’t do anything to it." Na Lanyunhua glanced at the place where the old man disappeared and opened his mouth lightly
"It turns out that he is your master. No wonder he appeared in the court." So all this makes sense. It seems that the old man who burned the silence appeared at the beginning to stop Pei Wennuan from marrying Yu Haochen. Was it an avatar or because he was out of fun? To be verified
"Father, you said that the man turned out to be him. We also saw him in Yangcheng, Sichuan." The Nangong Yinfeng said rather naively, but NaLanYunHua’s words made him worry a little less.
"What’s the matter?" LanYunHua frown asked.
When Nangong Lie told the story briefly.
"It turned out that he had already arrived" NaLanYunHua cold hum a this dead old man also have fun.
It’s also a waste of time for everyone to come here. The old man just did it at the theatre, otherwise he would just have to be straightforward. Everyone was shocked that NaLanYunHua had such a master.
Thyme Xia Lian shook her tiny braided hair on her chest and walked in the direction of the hall, only to find that the guards around her were in a hurry.
"What happened?" Baili Xia Lian muttered to herself that she didn’t want to come to the Xia Lian grand meeting after completing the test given to her by the master, but it seems that she hasn’t reported the situation to the master for several days, and it doesn’t make sense to be reasonable.
Besides, to be honest, she hasn’t participated in the Xia Lian grand event, and she can take this opportunity to feel the atmosphere well, can’t she? Maybe I can see my dad.
Thought of here, thyme Xia Lian stepped up, but I saw this scene in front of me.
"Hey … what happened, please?" Thyme Xia Lian wanted to catch a soldier and ask him clearly, but he ignored her and quickly followed the team.
However, if you think about this scene, you know that it must be something bad. When Baili Xia Lian changed to a trot and ran to the hall, his father and master didn’t know what happened!
Halfway through, I found that all kinds of official ministers were coming out in an orderly way, and Xia Lian’s sight was looking for them all.
"Dad! Hey! " In a short time, I found my father’s figure tearing open and shouting a few times.
Walking in the crowd, Bailicheng looked very calm. Although she was shocked by today’s Queen’s trip, she had already recovered her calm after so long. I was wondering why a familiar sound did appear in my ear, and I heard voices. How did my little daughter’s voice appear here?
Looking at the hundred miles city, I was shocked. Where is the auditory hallucination? Isn’t it my little daughter not far away?
Thyme city immediately came out from the crowd "lotus son, how can you be here! Where’s your maid? Why are you alone! "
Except for a daughter of Baili Xia Lian, Baili City is loved by children and loves Baili Xia Lian.
"Dad, I just want to tell you that Fluttershy is a traitor. She didn’t go back to find you, did she?" Thyme Xia Lian said.
"What the hell is going on? How can your maid be a traitor? " Bailicheng is even more puzzled.
Thyme Xia Lian doesn’t want to explain more. "Dad, if she returns to the castellan’s mansion anyway, you will expel her. This person can’t stay. I have to go to see my master. You have a good rest for one night and don’t call me when you go home." Thyme Xia Lian is inexplicably sad and disappointed at the thought of Fluttershy’s heart. It’s not like saying anything more to Thyme as he pushes him forward.
"Ridiculous when did you worship the master? No, you can’t go back with me early in the morning." Baili City was somewhat dissatisfied with the absurd behavior of Baili Xia Lian, but between Baili Xia Lian and his little daughter, the tone was not heavy, but there was a non-negotiable meaning in it.
Baili Xia Lian stopped and put his hands on his chest. "Dad, Sichuan Yangcheng, I won’t go back for a while. I have to experience more outside and have more experience to grow faster."
Thyme City was surprised that thyme Xia Lian would make trouble everywhere except in his arms. My little girl would say such a thing and have to re-examine her little daughter. "I’m a little curious about who your master is" would make her little daughter have such a big change.
After experiencing setbacks in the gambling house these days, Baili Xia Lian feels that his personality is getting more and more sociable and cautious, but he is still quite proud of his father and goes to the ear of Baili City. "My master is …"
Novel situation in the ear of Bailicheng
Thyme city face changed from calm to shock "said? Male ….. "Realizing his impulse, Bailicheng lowered his voice." You said the princess accepted you? " Tone with a hint of imperceptible trembling Chapter 1 Behind the scenes
"Yes, your daughter is great, isn’t she?" Thyme Xia Lian said proudly, shaking little braided hair on her chest.
However, after what happened just now, there is not much joy in the heart of Bailicheng. If your little daughter is a princess apprentice, will the danger be transferred to her daughter? With this in mind, Bailicheng has to worry about it. After doing it for so many years, the duke is still considering some things.
"Oh, dad didn’t have time to tell you. I have to go and see how the master is. I’ll go home after that. Bye, dad!" Said the thyme Xia Lian ran away in the direction of the hall.
"Ah …" Thyme City wanted to call Thyme Xia Lian, but it was found that this little girl would have run to dozens of meters away and could shake her head and sigh. Maybe this time the decision can really make her grow up.
When I was a child in Baili Xia Lian, Baili City looked for a master. She said that she would be sixteen years old, which would be a year of disaster, but she could also meet a noble person. Whether she could escape or not depends on her luck.
Bailicheng doesn’t know whether the princess brought her daughter evil or good luck, but when she saw the expression on her daughter’s face when she arrived in Fluttershy just now, she had already guessed.
Nature seems to be able to gamble. Over the years, she has been very fond of her, and even her own son has been very fond of this sister. There is also this reason. If she lost her when she was 16 years old, that is what they accepted and could give her the best love.

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