How many years have Xiao Bai and Ye Guchen stayed? Ye Guchen just shouted that, and Xiaobai immediately understood what to do. Without saying anything, shout at top of voice, in an instant, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and directly hit behind the disciples of Fu Luzong. The thunder and lightning were all latosolic red. If someone were here, it would be found that this was nothing else. The whole "Rise of the Legend Fairy Thunder" swallowed by Xiaobai that day was just worthless in terms of volume and energy level, compared with what Xiaobai ate that day.

"Rise of the Legend Fairy Thunder" appeared during the four or nine days of the fix-true, and it was powerful. It was not a problem for these people in the then period, and Xiaobai didn’t want to kill them. It was just paralysis, which made them panic and hurt them. That was enough. It was Ye Guchen who really started work.
"Bang ~" After a loud thunder, several people over there were really flustered, and they were hurt a little in different degrees. Liu Qi was even unlucky. Although the target of "Rise of the Legend Xianlei" was not him, it was Ma Xun, but he was closest to Ma Xun, so he was the most seriously injured. A whole person’s already weak body was abruptly blown out.
"Right now!" Ye Guchen seized the opportunity, his eyes flashed out in an instant, and he went straight to Ma Xun’s chest, but Ye Guchen himself ejected. The whole person was like a sword before the bow, and he went straight to Ma Xun. It was obvious that he was going to leave this Ma Xun here completely, and Xiaobai next to him was no exception. After the lightning was released, he immediately rushed straight to Ma Xun and stretched his claws with yi teeth.
Such an attack on Ma Xun was doomed. He desperately cast more than a dozen ofuda, and more than a dozen ofuda flew out instantly, forming a variety of attacks to stop Ye Guchen from them. He himself found that the situation was wrong and immediately turned to escape, but it was a pity that he didn’t have a flying sword to talk about speed. Although he was in the middle of then, both Ye Guchen, who was practicing physical strength, and Xiaobai, the spirit beast over there, were obviously higher than him.
Word is a punch, directly remove each other’s half arm, one hand grabbed each other’s arm abruptly to pull down, means is extremely bloody and cruel, and small white is no exception, claws across from behind this Ma Xun, a pair of claws instantly tore each other’s spine, Moriyama bones exposed in vitro, blood pouring out like a spring.
Followed by the attack from the fly sword "over", this fly sword should have arrived first, but it suffered the most attacks, and under the intentional or unintentional manipulation of Ye Guchen, this fly sword "over" was the last to arrive, and it was the most fierce and sharp attack. In an instant, the fly sword with flame penetrated Ma Xun’s body, and Ma Xun struggled a few times unwilling, and eventually his body split in two.
"run! Run! Take me to run! " See such a scene, Liu Qi immediately excited to the next to the Fu Luzong disciple shouted loudly, he now has no idea to tube other, just want to escape, among them for the highest Ma Xun brother is dead, and there are two other disciples in the early days, then now only three of them, Liu Qi don’t think they have the hope of victory, he more don’t want to die, so he cried loudly, turned to run away.
The remaining two people are already terrified. Liu Qi commanded here, and they naturally stopped hesitating. They flew into the sky and were ready to escape. After all, staying here can only be a death. It is better to escape and go back. As long as they can escape and go back to tell their elders, there is always a saying about this matter.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Don’t kill is not enough to vent their anger
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Don’t kill is not enough to vent their anger
"Want to run? Hum ~ "Ye Guchen sneer at 1. Said disdainfully, while speaking, the "destruction" beside him immediately turned into a fiery red light, like a soaring fire dragon piercing the silent night, rushing straight up, once running through Liu Qi’s already badly injured body.
Liu Qi unwilling to struggle for a few times and then fell from the sky, this guy has been seriously injured, at this moment his defense force is not even as good as an ordinary fighter, how can you keep up with Ye Guchen’s flying sword? After Ye Guchen killed Liu Qi, the disciple of Fu Luzong next to him turned pale with fear, and then he gritted his teeth, spouted a mouthful of JingXie from his mouth, sprayed it on the flying sword at his feet, took out a piece of yellow paper and lit it. The flying sword seemed to have taken stimulants, and flew straight away.
Ye Guchen and Xiao Bai wanted to catch up, but they were at a loss to find each other’s speed too fast. They couldn’t pursue it at all. Even if they used flying swords, they couldn’t keep up with each other’s speed. After chasing for about ten miles, they gave up helplessly. Obviously, the other party used a secret method. Pay a certain price to improve the speed of flight, and the two of them can’t catch up with each other for the time being.
"Damn, this guy runs really fast, otherwise he will definitely be killed!" Small white, while blunt come over to take out Liu Qi and other five people then, while disgruntled waving his paws and said, obviously small white to run a person is not satisfied.
Ignoring the action of Xiao Bai, Ye Guchen also roughly understands that this guy is going to do something. Although refining then is good for his own cultivation, Ye Guchen disdains to compete with Xiao Bai, and secondly. . If this thing is refined too much, it may not be a good thing for you. Fix the truth ~ especially in the early days, it’s better to practice alone. Refining then Yuan Ying always belongs to the next ride, and it may benefit you in the blink of an eye. But in the future, he will definitely pay the price for the petty profits he has now. God is fair, and if you get it, you must pay it. This kind of pay is obviously not what Ye Guchen is willing to accept, so he would rather fix it slowly than be greedy.
As for Xiao Bai, this guy has a mysterious memory. Since he dares to do so, he must have a bottom in his heart, so Ye Guchen looked at Xiao Bai, a shameless guy, and ate each other’s five then as if eating jelly beans. Then he saw Xiao Bai yawning and then shrinking rapidly. One jumped into Ye Guchen’s arms, and then found a comfortable position to take a nap there.
Ye Guchen shook his head with a wry smile, then slowly walked to come over, walked to the location of this beautiful Nina, looked at the seriously injured and fell to the ground, and the clothes were already in rags. The beautiful Nina was looming, and Ye Guchen slowly squatted down, and took out a jade bottle from this Gankun ring ~ which was filled with Dan medicine from the evil extreme Sect. When he left, the evil master deliberately gave it to himself, although it was not much, only ten pills, but it was said that it was extremely evil.
On the other side, the beautiful girl with a lantern and a long dress came running from a distance, standing outside with an anxious face, looking at Ye Guchen who was treating Meinina, her lips kept crawling. There seems to be something to say, but she was patient in her mouth. She just looked at the beautiful Nina in this pit with an anxious and worried face and didn’t know what she was thinking.
After watching Meinina eat the Dan medicine, Ye Guchen here slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Meinina’s injury is recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, which is enough to prove the reliability and practicability of this Dan medicine, so he doesn’t have to worry too much. He stood up straight and looked anxiously at the pit. Ye Guchen hesitated to open his mouth and asked, "Can you tell me what happened when he fell to the ground?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"This. . I ~ ~ Here’s the thing. " Hesitated, the big eyes with tears in their eyes, their lips wriggled, as if they were experiencing an ideological struggle, and their mouths slowly said things.
Listening to the beautiful words, Ye Guchen slowly understood the whole story. The beautiful Nina didn’t know the reason. A few months ago, a meteor fell from the sky with a mysterious mouth. After that, the beautiful Nina was seriously injured, and the mysterious meteor disappeared, leaving only a broken forest. Then the kind-hearted beauty got her back and kept her at home.
However, the beauty soon found the problem. Miss Minnie hardly ate or drank. She was in a coma and occasionally seemed to need a lot of blood. By chance, the beauty accidentally cut her finger. It awakened Minnie, who drank a lot of her blood, but did not kill the beautiful one.
And then this beautiful woman knew the difference of Meinina, and from time to time she helped Meinina to heal. I have to say, this beautiful woman, called Fan Shi, is a good woman with a little simple mind. Ye Guchen would never say such a silly thing, so with the help of this one, Meinina, who was seriously injured at that time, miraculously survived and lived with this Fan Shi because of her beautiful injury.
And this Fan Shi is a well-known beauty, once known as the first beauty in this meishan town. She married the owner of this small shop in the mountain a few years ago, and the couple had a good life. Unfortunately, the short-lived man of hers accidentally went out and met a robber, who died in a foreign land, and this Fan Shi has become the target of countless perverts with a harlot. The hooligans in the town often harassed her, which is the biggest one.
But it’s okay. After all, it belongs to the village folks, and this short-lived husband of Fan Shi is a big family in this meishan town. Someone in the family takes care of her, and no one dares to treat her any way. At most, it is a little cheaper than the quarrel. But the problem is that this Fan Shi is a little too beautiful, which makes people itch. The grandson of the mayor drank a little wine a few days ago, and the silly child went to the brain. Then I came in the middle of the night without saying anything, wanting this beautiful one.
But unfortunately, this silly child and several minions around him whose IQ is close to the second pole are unlucky to meet the beautiful blood clan of Meinina. Although the blood clan is sometimes cold-blooded and looks down on ordinary human beings, they also know that kindness is not good. And this beautiful Nina is obviously a member of the vast number of female compatriots, and naturally she will not tolerate such a thing, let alone happen to her benefactor.
As a result, the case was committed. . As a result, it is conceivable that those silly children can bully the old lady and rob underage children on weekdays, but they can’t even beat an ordinary man. How can they be Nina’s opponents?
Then ~ ~ these silly children were easily killed by Minnie. Of course, they died, so we can’t waste them, can we? Meinina, however, the blood clan feeds on blood, so she simply put a little blood on these social scum before they died. Of course, not much was put, and a few people added up to about a jar of water. . . Small cylinder ~
Originally, this didn’t happen either. After Meinina took care of that silly child of the mayor’s house and his two-pole minions, no one knew about it after the corpse was destroyed in this wild mountain, but the problem was that when the corpse was destroyed, it was discovered by some idle jack who ran to the mountain in the middle of the night and didn’t know what to do. Hmm. . Guess that guy came to pee or something, anyway, whatever the reason, that guy saw it.
This idle guy, who is so painful, immediately fled in a panic. Before Meinina didn’t realize that he was covered up by criminals, Meinina didn’t take him and ran back to meishan town, and told everyone about it, especially the mayor of meishan town.
The mayor of meishan town, that is, Mei Qi’s bad old man, is not a good thing. He is already salivating at this Fan Shi, but because of his seniority and age, he has long been annoyed in his heart. Now his baby grandson has died in this Fan Shi because of this matter. Immediately angered, without saying anything, raised the atmosphere, started to call brothers.
Although Mei Qi is a old bones, his family is the richest and most influential in meishan town, and he has the highest self-cultivation. Therefore, he sits on the mayor, and he is quite prestigious. Although I don’t know how many people curse this old thing for having children, this one doesn’t know how many bad things he has done secretly, but the appeal of this one is still beyond doubt.
Only half an hour later, the mayor gathered hundreds of younger brothers and came towards the back with all kinds of guys, which is worse than judging people by the underworld. After all, all the men who were called by the old man were fighters with one hundred. . Of course, in the place where Tenglong mainland is full of masters, his people are really nothing.
With hundreds of people, he led a large number of people to come. As a result, it is conceivable that the old man failed, and a hundred people died. In fact, according to the beautiful Fan Shi, at that time, . Nina really didn’t want to start work, but these guys started work first, and Nina wasn’t so easy to bully. She naturally struck back, but the one who struck back was a little bit heavy, and she accidentally killed one of these guys. As for the old man, when something went wrong, the wind pulled back and shouted, and he didn’t even come up. His injury is said to have been caused by his careless rolling down the mountain.
Of course, the specific situation of Ye Guchen is not clear, but I have a general understanding. Later, when the old man went back, he gossiped that there were monsters, so he found all kinds of silly children to die, but those silly children were good at bragging, but their skills were not. They were all solved by this beautiful Nina one by one.

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