The middle-aged man who was selling treasury bills was not shy, so he started talking while smoking on the roadside.

"Little sister, at first glance, you just don’t know how to do it. People in this bank should avoid suspicion. They can’t buy and sell Treasury bills themselves, but their relatives and friends can buy and sell them. These people who work in offices and engage in finance must understand."
Jishu nodded.
"You see, I am a junior high school graduate, and I know that collecting treasury bills can make money. Can the bank not know? So, there is no banker to sell you anything? "
Middle-aged people hang out in rivers and lakes all the year round with an accent. After careful observation, his clothes are worn out.
But the cigarette case of Hongtashan in his pocket was exposed. Hongtashan was a high-grade cigarette in the late 1980 s, and it cost about 7 yuan for a box.
Ji Shu remembers that when Feng Guangyao made money, he liked to buy Hongtashan cigarettes.
So this middle-aged uncle should have made a lot of money. He bought Treasury bills in Lula, and he didn’t make much noise.
"Then I can’t buy it if I queue up early?"
"It’s not that you can’t buy it, but it depends on luck. You have to come every day, and people don’t necessarily sell you many."
Tian Qiu also nodded, puzzled. It looked funny and made the middle-aged man laugh.
"You little sister is a look at the countryside. You go to the countryside to buy treasury bills and sell them to the bank! Banks don’t have treasury bills to sell, but they will be willing to buy yours! "
Ji Shu saw that this uncle was not bad at bass. "Uncle privately bought treasury bills, but it is definitely illegal in the future. After all, the pit is ordinary people who don’t understand finance. If you earn enough money, why don’t you try stock trading? I think the stock market should be open in a year or two. "
Middle-aged uncle Ji Shu and Tian Qiu don’t know how to do things. My little sister remembered Ji Shu’s words and felt that Ji Shu was not simple.
During the recent acquisition, I did hear that the public security might come to inspect the business, which is just a one-way street. I will retreat at any time soon.
"Little sister, I see you know a lot."
Middle-aged people are more sincere in their tone. "I’ll give you some advice. I want to sell all the coupons in the bank’s hand to big customers as a favor. If you know anyone in the finance department of a big company, maybe you can say hello."
Hearing the word "Finance Department", Ji Shu suddenly thought of the business card received by the train.
Say goodbye to the middle-aged man is already noon. Ji Shu casually found a common beef soup restaurant in Anshi and Tian Qiu bought a beef vermicelli soup.
Tian Qiu had to pay for it and bought a big sesame seed cake for himself and Ji Shu.
Anshi beef vermicelli soup is sweet and delicious, and the amount of beef is sufficient. Sweet potato vermicelli are all made by hand.
Jishu took a sip of soup and looked at the beef quantity. He was in a good mood.
Tian Qiu added a lot of boss-made Chili sauce and ate half a bowl at once. The child was really hungry.
"Sister Ji, actually, I have a question I’ve always wanted to ask you. What exactly is a Treasury bill?"
Tian Qiu bit sesame seed cake and stared.
Jishu realized that Tian Qiu had never even known the ins and outs of Treasury bills, and he was still running so hard with himself.
"This Treasury bill has been issued since 1981. Do you understand that it’s no problem for the country to call individuals for IOUs? Do you want to charge interest if you lend money to others? The treasury bills also have interest when they expire. "
Ji Shu gave an example when he saw Tian Qiu’s incomprehension.
"For example, the country will give you 1 denomination of treasury bills, and it can give you 115 yuan according to the situation."
"That this is not a great thing? That fool just sold it! Keep the money. What are you selling? "
Tian Qiu’s eyes are full of doubts.
"It was not allowed to sell before, but this year the market is open, but it must be bought and sold at a prescribed trading place, such as a bank."
Jishu took another sip of soup.
"Three years is a long time. What should you do if you are in a hurry for money during this period? For example, if there is no money to eat at home, what is there to guard the treasury bills due in three years? "
"There are, for example, now that you have found a chance to make money, why are you waiting for the Treasury bill to expire when a dollar can be changed in one year? You can sell 1 piece at a discount and sell 15 pieces to invest, and you will earn more than waiting for maturity. "
"But it would be nice if we bought Treasury bills in Wushi. Why did we come to Anshi?"
JiShu also don’t want to hide Tian Qiu told the city price difference.
"It’s just an opportunity to open banks and banks, cities and cities, and not many people know that there is a price difference."
Tian Qiu’s eyes were as excited as Columbus’s discovery of the New World.
"I see! Sister Ji, you are amazing. Are you a college student? "
Ji Shu smiled, "I just graduated from technical secondary school, and my family environment is not very good, so I can’t afford to go to college."
"What a pity! I think Sister Ji knows more than the director of our furniture factory!"
Jishu gave a laugh. It is estimated that Tian Qiu knows the most people, that is, the director of the town furniture factory.
It’s a pity that Ji Shu also wants to go to college, but the conditions are not allowed now.
A little disappointed, she took out her name and address in her pocket.
Would it be possible to ask someone for help just once?
She was particularly afraid of asking for help, even if she was beaten, she hid at home to heal.
But if you don’t ask for help, how do you know that others won’t help you?
Fear of rejection is a kind of complacency.
After staring at a famous film for a while, Ji Shu thought it was presumptuous to talk. It would be better to go directly to Ping Li and talk about it.
After dinner, Ji Shu and Tian Qiu asked for directions and looked at it. They spent 50 cents to buy a map and finally found Ping Li’s office at 1 pm.
Anshi Runfu Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. walked to the door of the company in a five-story old building, but felt that the decoration of the company was very fashionable and bright.
Jishu walked to the door and just met a female employee who came out.
"Hello, I’m looking for Manager Li of Finance Department."
"Pingping elder sister? Know someone? "
"Well, it’s manager Ping Li."
The female employee nodded and took them to a separate office near the back.
There is a sound "come in" in her knock knock.
Ji Shu’s heart beat faster and Tian Qiu followed Ji Shu.
This company has no modern posture in the 1980 s, and the office door is open. Ping Li is sitting behind a big wooden desk, and the desktop is full of documents. Her dark circles are heavy and she seems tired.
See the JiShu Ping Li busy "yi? Little sister? "

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