"We might as well try," Cheyenne said.

Wen Renqing immediately set out to arrange it. She picked out some flexible occupations and placed them in four corners separately, and then let four forces attack the guardian at the same time. The guardian was instantly attracted to the past and the delivery position became white.
Cheyenne summoned a skeleton and told it to go straight to the door. When it touched the door, all the guardians went crazy again. At the same time, their tentacles hit the ground and the skeleton shook like an earthquake, and it was shattered on the spot.
Those players who attracted the guardian were stunned by the strong tremor almost at the same time, and then became cannon fodder. Cheyenne had already retreated to an distance, and the strong tremor did not harm him.
The tremor lasted for nearly 30 seconds, and the players who attracted the guardians turned white and went to heaven in just 10 seconds after being stunned. Those guardians had already returned to their places and guarded the door again.
"Oh, my god, this is simply shameless!" King lame beside Cheyenne sighed.
Cheyenne squinted at the goods and asked strangely, "What didn’t drag you away just now?"
Wang Lame mysteriously looked at Wen Renqing and winked. "That little girl must have a crush on me and wouldn’t let me take risks!"
"I admit I’m thick-skinned, but I’m really choked up for being so narcissistic and ugly as you are thicker than me," Cheyenne said with a sigh.
King lame is very proud of a face of allegations shrinking smile seems to be able to surpass Cheyenne for this important attribute is very gratified.
Just as the guardians’ converging attack skills were just beginning, it was sunny, and immediately a group of remote occupations were divided into four groups again to tease the returning guardians. Then she once again Asaka Manato hit a tentative gesture
Cheyenne’s necromancer summoning skill has not cooled down yet, so he directly summoned the gold and silver bear and let the chubby gold and silver bear be cannon fodder.
Wen Renqing’s intention is very simple, that is, it is impossible to recognize the big move of the guardians, and it is indeed as she expected. Although the gold and silver bears became extremely violent after touching the array, they did not launch that kind of earth-shaking skill again.
Cheyenne was deeply admired at this time. He was able to get through by breaking in, but it was heard that this way was successful. Although it cost some players’ lives, it was more time-saving
"It worked!" The rest of the onlookers burst into a warm cheer. They came from different guilds, and they were not very angry with the girl Wen Renqing, especially at the expense of her companions. But when Wen Renqing’s plan was successful, they had respect for this beautiful girl.
Cheyenne didn’t come to be happy, but the delivery door suddenly burst into a dazzling light and swallowed the gold and silver bear directly, and Cheyenne, the owner of the gold and silver bear, also radiated a dazzling light. A strange force rolled him and pulled him directly into a white whirlpool!
This change came too suddenly, and everyone saw a flash of white light, and then Zunbao and his hunting pet disappeared on the front of the array. At the same time, with the sound of "click click", the delivery door began to collapse and collapsed to about ten meters, and the delivery door was immediately destroyed by a pile of spar ruins.
"What is this nima? Can that map enter a person? " Everyone in the place came up with this idea.
Tomahawk was puzzled when he saw the door collapse. He tried to link a treasure fruit and received a unified message saying that the other party was temporarily communicating on a special map.
It’s a pity that Tomahawk didn’t have much time to think about this problem. Although the delivery door fell down, the guardian didn’t collapse, but instead, a red halo emerged all over, which became extremely manic. It seems that the body collided with the channel and it was no longer blocked by the channel.
The guardians charge directly into the narrow passage and smash it into pieces. Large stones fall from the top, and the future ahead has to avoid the players being buried alive!
Fortunately, all the people present were masters and there was no panic, but Rao did. When they withdrew all the way, there were less than half of the team left.
After the tunnel collapsed, the guardian and the delivery door were buried underground.
"These guardians know how to sacrifice themselves. I’m really curious about what mysterious place Zunbao went to," Tomahawk said, looking at the passage that had been completed.
"I’m afraid there is a statue of treasure that I know." The words of the drunken beauty song light up.
Where was Zunbao sent?
Cheyenne didn’t suffer any pain after being caught in the whirlpool by mysterious forces, and soon his eyes could see things again. He appeared in a narrow passage, and at the same time he found that the path behind him was completely lost and turned into darkness.
Cheyenne tried to retreat, only to find that he had gone deep into the darkness, and there was obviously no road behind him.
The present situation has moved forward.
Chapter 14 God-level package
Cheyenne walked cautiously along the dark passage.
Be careful of Cheyenne in this unknown place, but I know that there are many invisible monsters in this game that can go a long way. After Cheyenne’s defense, it seems redundant. He has not encountered the imaginary enemy. As Cheyenne continues to deepen, the surrounding channels have widened. It is six or seven meters, and the channel has been more than ten meters.
After turning a corner, my eyes suddenly opened up, and a basketball court was displayed in the size. In the middle of the ground stood four different colors of red, blue, purple and orange.
This delivery door is different from them just now. There is a stone platform with golden lines and five-pointed star awn array on all sides of the stone platform, and there is a faint shadow of deja vu in the center of the delivery door
Cheyenne looked at the virtual shadow of the object and got the guardian token from the package. The two were surprisingly similar!
Is there anything wrong with this guardian token and these delivery doors?
Cheyenne walked slowly to the front of the red delivery door and put the guardian token in front of the virtual shadow. A suction came from the front. Cheyenne’s hand, the guardian token was instantaneous and the virtual shadow closed. The delivery door actually began to shake violently. The time was moving in the golden five-pointed star, and the red light was sometimes strong and sometimes weak.
Instantaneous red light poured into Cheyenne as if it had collapsed. He felt that the scenery in front of him had changed into fresh air, and a sweet bird song came from the top of his head. Cheyenne looked up and looked at it with a slap. Big red birds jumped on the branches and covered the whole day with dense branches and leaves. Looking around, there were unknown trees with thick millstones.
This is a forest with a thick layer of leaves, some like poisonous snakes and vines sticking out of the thick leaves and wrapping around the trunk again and again.
Cheyenne chose a direction at random with the mentality of coming and coming, and I don’t know how long it took to move forward. Suddenly there was a fierce battle ahead. Cheyenne opened a strong hidden and quietly touched it to see a tragic scene through the dense jungle.
Two huge monsters are fighting. One is a huge four-legged monster with a row of spikes on his back and thick black scales all over his body. Opposite it is a huge white ape with scales. The body armor of the monster has fallen off a lot, and a large scale is missing from his neck. There are already raw and red flesh, and blood is constantly flowing. The situation of the ape is not much better. The long white hair is messy and he is injured in many places.
The trees around these two monsters are in a mess. It seems that when they were fighting, they didn’t know how long they had been fighting. Cheyenne saw that they were already a spent force.

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