Xue Wanshu listened to Li Chongjiu so clearly that he clearly remembered the scene at that time when he saw the people around him. "Wang heard that Zhuojun, who had wooed Luo Chengmou, had given McCullough an engagement to his daughter, but it seemed that they were not married until the day when McCullough died, so the woman was still unmarried. Whether the king sent this woman to the palace to wait for suppression or directly sent it to the palace to place the queen knew."

Li Chongjiu turned to look at Xue Wanshu’s heart.
The battleship was already anchored and the hull was shaking slightly. The breeze came to Li Chongjiu and said simply, "No need."
Xue Wanche misunderstood what he meant. Li Chongjiu wanted to say that this woman reminded him of Li Zhiwan several years ago.
Many things are like the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the river. When it is calm, it lies quietly at the bottom of the river. When the torrent surges, the sediment at the bottom of the river turns over, which makes him feel a bit mixed.
Times have changed. In those days, Li Yuan is now the master of the Tang Dynasty, and Li Chongjiu has completed the great cause of unifying Hebei today. It is a pity that several years have passed in a blink of an eye, but yesterday’s memories are still to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Jianghuai lean
Jiangsu Danyang
Now it is the Jianghuai Army Camp.
In the Jianghuai army camp, the murderous look soared, and the Jianghuai army elite raised 5,000 soldiers to stand in awe.
Du Fuwei, the overlord of the south of the Yangtze River, wore a golden crown and walked down the steps with his hands. Jiang Huai’s army paid tribute to Wang Xiong and others to review and raise the camp.
Now Du Fuwei is full of ambition. During the Hebei War in Liu Heita, Du Fuwei broke the old enemy, Li Tong attacked Jiangdu, and also collected the anti-king Hua Wang and blasted Sui’ an in Jianghuai area, which has greatly increased its power.
Eye Du Fuwei has integrated the forces in Jianghuai and Yangzhou, and according to the Yangtze River risk, it has squeezed out Xiao Xian Liang State and become the fourth largest force in Tang, Zhao and Zhengtian.
Du Fuwei suddenly drank and said that the foot soldiers of the camp did not hesitate to show off their clothes and bare their bodies.
Du Fuwei strode by the knife and walked behind the soldiers standing in rows, but when he saw the scars and arrows on the soldiers’ chests, Du Fuwei said loudly, "Come and give wine!"
After saying that, a small school served the foot soldiers before drinking and drank the bowl heroically, and finally smashed the bowl to the ground.
After being rewarded with more than a dozen foot soldiers, Du Fuwei came to the front of a foot soldier, but when he saw that his chest was clean in vain, he showed an arrow on his back and stopped when his face sank.
The foot soldier burst into a kneeling speech, "Your Majesty, let me explain …"
"Explain what was cut for me!"
Say that finish before two Du Fuwei QinBing dragged the foot soldiers.
A long cry came from far away to Du Fuwei to look at the army, but it was cold to see the soldier cry not far from the sun.
"The prince of Wu examined the back of others without wounds," said Fu Gongyou, the No.2 figure of Jianghuai Army.
Du Fuwei said in a moment, "How many gold, silver and beautiful women have we robbed when Fubo attacked Jiangdu this time?"
Speaking of which, Fu Gongyou shook his head and said, "What good things exist in Jiangdu have been given to Yu Wenhua and Li Tong, and they have to scrape quickly. This time, our Jianghuai army has not dug three feet into the city."
"No matter how much, give it to the brothers."
Fu Gongyou shouted at the three armed forces when he heard this. "Did you hear that? The prince of Wu said that everyone would give points to the treasures and beauties plundered by Jiangdu. "
"Xie Wu Wang!"
"Wu Wang chitose!"
Du Fuwei suddenly drink a way "thank what thank! Chitose what chitose! "
But when Du Fuwei’s face sank, all the soldiers shut up.
Du Fuwei said, "Today, I have a good fortune. If I eat meat, you will follow me." I have a woman to sleep with, and you have a woman; If one day I have no meat to eat and no women to sleep, don’t blame me for turning against you if you dare to go to someone else’s big fish and big meat. "
Listen to Du Fuwei said all the foot soldiers are silent as if the heat was poured a pot of cold water.
Fu Gongyou whispered in the previous step, "The prince of Wu is almost there, and the brothers are counting their heads to play Jiangdu for you. Let’s have a happy day for the brothers."
Du Fuwei nodded his head when he heard Fu Gongyou say so.
Aside, Zuo Xianyou said, "The envoy of the prince of Wu and the king of Qin Li Shimin has arrived."
Du Fuwei will come to Piandian in public, but when he sees the messenger of the king of Qin get up and say, "The king of Qin accounts for Xue Shou to visit the king of Wu."
But seeing Du Fuwei walk a few steps quickly, Xue Shou was just about to worship when he picked him up and said with a grin, "What do you mean, it’s too kind of the prince to be a family? Just call me Lao Du. Oh, I forgot that the sky has given me Li. Just call me Lao Li."
Xue Shou was surprised by this smell of killing people without blinking an eye. Jianghuai lean Du Fuwei was such a flatterer.
Xue Shou secretly muttered at the bottom of my heart, but when I saw Du Fuwei grinning at present, his face was scarred, and his seven twists and turns showed that this person had climbed out of the dead pile.
Xue Shou put away his contempt and hurriedly said, "Dare to dare to break the prince?"
"Don’t call me that. If you say that again, the prince of Wu won’t blame me for turning against my family."
Xue listened to the speech and said, "Otherwise, it’s called Manager Li."
Du Fuwei clapped his legs and laughed, pointing to Xue Shou and said, "You’re still polite to me. Please call me manager Li. I wonder if your ambassador has any indication of coming to the king of Qin?"
Xue Shou took out a letter from his sleeve and Du Fuwei threw it directly to Zuo Xianyou without looking. "Read!"
Xue Shou knew that Du Fuwei’s rebellious background was illiterate and said, "Let me tell you. The king of Qin led hundreds of troops to attack Wang Shichong, which is now Lien Chan and Lien Jie."
Xue Shou was shocked by Du Fuwei, but when he patted his leg, he said, "The king of Qin is really bad. Wang Shichong’s troops are native tile dogs. The king of Qin’s attack on the Temple of Qin is really like a soldier."
Xue listened to Du Fuwei and gave Li Shimin a bunch of tall hats, but he didn’t feel a little sick, but he still said, "The king of Qin is brave and good at fighting. The king of Qin also hopes that Manager Li will help him. It would be great if he could send troops from Jianghuai to cut off Xuzhou Tiger Prison Union."
"Ha ha" Du Fuwei even laughed and said, "Isn’t something just sending troops to attack Xuzhou? I you say Tang Jun, our Jianghuai army is a family. Generally, if you have anything to do, just talk. I think I’ll do it this way. Lao Du just has the cheek and is not ashamed to cut off Xuzhou Tiger Prison Union. I will send troops directly to Xuzhou for the king of Qin. "
Xue listened to the speech and said, "It’s unnecessary for Luoyang to break Xuzhou without fighting. There is another place to keep Xuzhou."
Du Fuwei heard the words and laughed. "It turns out that the king of Qin has another trick. Well, I won’t get involved. Since the king of Qin’s imperial edict is done, the king of Qin calls me Lao Du to fight east, but I dare not fight west."
Xue Shou got up and said, "Since Manager Li promised me, I’ll go back and tell Luoyang."
Du Fuwei said, "Now that I’m in Danyang, I’ll stay for a few days."
Xue Shou said, "The army really dare not stay long."

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