This deep-sea monster doesn’t seem to be a reckless monster. Those two know that killing idiots is completely different. He has brought more doubts to Wu Ming.

A huge body fell into the sea and set off another wave. Today, the creatures in the East China Sea may be particularly scared. The continuous spread of waves has caused a tsunami.
Several small islands were destroyed by the tsunami, and a worm-shaped island in the far northwest was unfortunately sunk into the sea by Bo Yong.
Aojia saw this and quickly ordered the aquarium to calm the tsunami waves.
General Wu put away the body of the magic whale. No one. He probably didn’t dare to grab it.
Aojia came to thank him. "Thanks to the help of the true king, two of them have escaped now, but I’m going to report to my father that he must find them."
Wu Ming shook his head. "It’s too serious to stop him from coming. There’s one thing that needs attention."
"Oh, what is it?"
"The serpent has a dry belly. I’m afraid Kun has more than a deep-sea monster."
Wu Ming, a master of this skill, can detect the snake’s belly and I’m afraid it’s incredible to wake up.
Aojia one leng and then a deep worship.
All the immortals from Penglai, the three immortals in the sea, came in clouds, and Wu Ming and Aojia also went to see each other.
Fuxing said, "When I left, I saw a crow reporting good news. It turned out that the true gentleman had come here to play."
Wu Ming replied, "Fuxing laughed and said that Penglai fairyland is the fairy land of the earth, but now it has this blessing source, so don’t bother Samsung."
"Where where is the real gentleman?"
That is, Wu Ming, the three stars from the sea, resigned from the Dragon Palace and went to Penglai Wonderland together.
Chapter 325 Penglai will Samsung abbot worship the emperor
Wu Ming and Samsung went all the way to the Baiyun Cave in Yiyuntou, Penglai Wonderland.
Samsung, please serve tea separately.
Bear shoulder anti-shoulder dragon and Wu Ming’s ass also get a cup of tea and don’t talk silently
After following the master out so many times, he has long understood that he doesn’t need to talk. If others say that, he just blinks and moves his ears. Anyway, whatever is delicious and delicious, the master will never forget him.
He also put the teacup close to the black dragon’s mouth to let it eat some.
"It’s not that we boast that the Penglai fairyland is beautiful, but it’s even more beautiful than the heaven, so you can stay longer and enjoy it, and Yingzhou and the abbot are rare."
Wu Ming nodded repeatedly. Although he came here to take the opportunity to blend in with Wuzhuangguan, he should not miss Haisanxian Island.
There are several scattered immortals and great talents hidden in the lush natural machine of this cave. Now he is making great progress in his way, but it is just a matter of public opinion.
Samsung naturally refuses to allow the heaven to attract much attention recently, and they are also interested in making friends.
Wu Ming casually left his head only to see a white-haired deer walking leisurely in front of the slope, and the deer also saw Wu Ming throw it away like a hoof.
"Shouxing, this deer is well-fed. I heard that it is full of treasures. If the deer blood is used to draw symbols and alchemy, it is all."
There is a white deer hidden on the hillside, and it is already a curse.
"Ha ha, true gentleman is joking, old man. The older I get, the more inconvenient my legs and feet are, and I have to lose him to be my strength."
White deer essence suddenly stood up and stood up. If he is indispensable, he will not be taken to an alchemist.
Wu Ming said with a smile, "If Shou Weng lacks a mount, I will give you a pair to ensure that he is fast and stable."
White deer essence suddenly eyes fire, if it weren’t for strength does not allow must rush out to give that fellow a hoof.
No, no, no, this place can’t stay. I’ll take his blood and make an alchemy that day. I have to go to the world as soon as possible to make an immortal elixir as soon as possible so as to get rid of the old man.
"Come on, come on, don’t be old and afraid of riding unaccustomed."
Talking about the tea, Wu Ming gradually started to talk about it.
Fu Lushou Samsung claims to be immortal, and their origin is indeed the case.
What the people want is not Fu Lushou. They also like to watch this and call their three minions blessed, blessed and blessed.
Wu Ming has never come into contact with the immortal way. After all, he has fed the Bodhisattva tree with incense, and he has never trained any believers to show their dreams.
This way is a shortcut, but Wu Ming didn’t look like a fairy at first, so how can a fairy come to enjoy the incense every day? But now he has put some prejudices after listening to Samsung’s explanation.
Immortals are detached from the cycle of life and death, and sit and watch the changes of heaven and earth. Immortals hold the handle and run the three worlds. Ghosts and immortals sink in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and it is difficult to extricate immortals from the experience of birth, death and death and seek to soar after death.
Among the five immortals, the immortals are the closest to the three realms, and we must rely on them to maintain the normal operation and balance of the three realms.
Wu Mingjing listened that he had never manifested the Yuan God and then told his feelings of Buddhism and Taoism, which also made the Samsung praise again and again.
After some talk, it was the two sides who enjoyed themselves.
Then Samsung asked the elves in the cave to prepare some elixirs and spiritual fruits to entertain them.
No, it’s nothing unusual, but the fire date Wu Ming is particularly fond of it. It’s a good baby.
Samsung’s back hill is planted with a fire jujube forest, which is full of spiritual roots.
The bear pulled Wu Ming’s sleeve, and Wu Ming immediately knew what he was thinking.
He said to Samsung, "I have a flat peach here. Is it feasible for Samsung to change some fire jujube seeds?"
Samsung all laughed. "This fire jujube is not very strange, but it tastes fair. It has some qi-invigorating and aphrodisiac effects. The real gentleman wants me to send you a few pounds."
"I can’t accept gifts in vain if I can’t get it."
Wu Ming took out bear’s flat peach with green skin, and he exchanged it for a flat peach with purple grain.
When Samsung saw this, it gave him ten catties of fire dates.
Wu Mingxi visited Penglai for a few days, and Samsung led him to visit the abbot Xianshan, saying that he was visiting a Donghua Emperor.
He is naturally full of joy. This is also a big shot.
I don’t know how to reincarnate into Lv Dongbin and be a fairy, but this fairy is not a fairy in the Journey to the West. It can also be counted as a cave fairy. After all, the cave fairy refers to the Sanqing Four Emperors Taiyi Tianxian and other Donghua emperors who are qualified to be juxtaposed, but Lv Dongbin is worse
Wu Mingtong, the abbot of Samsung Qi Xianshan, really saw that the wall box was a purple terrace illuminated by Sanqing Road, and the flowers and trees were fragrant with five colors of smoke and fragrant wind. The name of Xuanhe was the abbot’s majestic name, especially the immortal of Tiantai Yuangong House.
Wu Mingtong’s Samsung Qi Na Tai Yuan Palace really saw an emperor.
be exactly; precisely
Full of light, bright and colorful, and the fog is constantly fluttering.
As happy as the East China Sea and as long as the mountain, it seems that children are healthy.
The pot is hidden in the hole and the sky is not old.
Holy name Donghua Dadijun, the first fairy in the misty clouds.
Wu Ming’s Samsung all said, "The Emperor has joined hands."
The bear is also a good example to make a hand-holding ceremony.
The emperor hurriedly got up and helped him. "It turned out that the three old and nine deep and remote true kings were here, and I failed to meet them."

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