She backed down in the face of many powerful enemies.

"Do you have any plans for coming?"
Nine emperors asked that it was impossible to fight. Maybe they could die hundreds of times with a snap of their fingers.
"Go to Blood Cliff"
Liu Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and as soon as he got close to the blood cliff, he immediately resonated. He thought that there might be new discoveries when he got to the blood cliff.
"Amount?" Wang Bo froze. Aren’t you afraid you’ll touch a big deal when you rush over to the top of the blood cliff?
"They hit them, maybe we are still not worth it in their eyes."
Liu Yu said
"Titan really disappeared here, so we must be careful."
Wang Bo is awake.
Then a line of people went step by step to the blood cliff next to Goblin’s shoulder. Perhaps it was more dangerous ahead, but he would be suspicious of this step.
Ghost Mountain, this old pit cargo, has never thought of itself, has it? Well, nail the blood cliff. The body is psychic by itself. Is this a waiting trough?
"You help me protect the law."
Liu yupan sat down without saying the reason, and his mind was immersed in the sea of knowledge. There are ghosts and gods in it. It’s almost time, so it’s time to show something.
"Old man, you come out, hemp egg. Are you pit me? This body is no longer bloody cliff."
Liu Yu’s consciousness came out before she finished shouting in this sea of knowledge.
"Hey, hey, so you have reached the blood cliff?"
The god lit up and turned into a golden statuette.
However, when he came to answer Liu Yu’s question, he suddenly paused and asked, "Is it waiting for a battle outside?"
"Why? You feel it, too? It’s almost at home. Do you want me to wake you up? "
Liu Yu is not satisfied, but it is still the battle scene in the previous thunder pool that has been released to see that the ghost mountain spirit is moving.
"Six arm monty! !”
As soon as these four words were said, Liu Yu knew that she was close to guessing. She smiled. "I don’t care what this thing is, but now you need to answer my previous question. It’s good that the body is bloodless and psychic. How about this? You give me a letter of approval."
God read silence thinking about Liu Yu’s problem.
"When it’s really too long, it will change later …" It sighed gently and then looked at the six-armed monty fighting strong man in the scene.
"Maybe they can ask him for help."
And he pointed to the statue in this scene that was covered by golden awn, which was really strong.
"He? Who is he? " Liu Yu’s nose is a little angry. Just now, I almost didn’t kill them. You asked him to ask him for help? You’re telling me this isn’t serious? I’m smiling and I’m buying coins, okay?
"Hehe, he is the emperor of this small world!"
It’s easy to say that I seem to be familiar with this respect.
"Fight the holy emperor?"
Listen, the name is hanging. "Is he a monkey?"
God read one leng "how do you know? Fighting the honor of the holy emperor has not revealed your little ability. Even I knew it by accident. "
Liu Yu’s turn was 360 degrees, and she knelt down. What a monkey!
"It’s not convenient for that party to ask if there is a fight to defeat the Buddha?"
However, the mind seems to think of something, but it is dim to not answer Liu Yu’s question
I … * @ @
Liu Yu was completely helpless, and then he quit Zhihai.
"Did you think of anything?" The queen asked for the first time.
"Well, I’m afraid I’ll scare you," said Liu Yu, shrugging his shoulders and looking at the area.
The queen is really domineering and doesn’t like Liu Yu’s selling.
"Please ask the Great God for help."
Liu Yu pointed to the thunder pool.
"What did you say?" Nine emperors’ eyes are wide open. No one, brother.
"I mean, please ask the holy emperor in the thunder pool to help." Liu Yu said that maybe God guessed something, or maybe even we can deal with the bloody corpse.
Chapter 714 Make friends
Nine emperors were really scared by this. Regardless of Liu Yu’s talk about asking people to help, the name of the holy emperor can scare people half to death.
"Not Liu Yu, aren’t you serious?"
Wang Bo can’t sit still. You just saw it. What is it? Don’t you have any points in your heart?
Besides, that golden light almost wiped us out, remember?
If you die, we won’t follow you, or we’ll break up now. I think it’s still no problem to walk here in our own strength. Liu Yu is pretending to be a new high. They really want to leave
"Yeah, very serious."
Liu Yu doesn’t beat around the bush. Do you think I’m joking? Although I don’t know how to ask the holy emperor for help, what can I do? I was desperate, too.
"Don’t you want to think of another way?" Tianshan saint is a little impatient, too. Why does this guy keep dying? Don’t tell me that your road is a dead end. But we’re not here.
We came in to become stronger, not to fight for our lives.
"Don’t do anything else, or you will leave me first." Liu Yu knows what they are thinking, and they are really nothing.
To put it mildly, no discord, no concord.
"This …"
Nine emperors Wang Bo looked at each other in silence.
He ….. Even Liu Yu, the king’s egg, doesn’t know anything. What are they afraid of? Wouldn’t it be looked down upon if you left now?
Although they have always regarded surpassing Liu Yu as their current goal, we should not be too weak. This thing is really looked down upon by people, which will inevitably have a huge impact on their moral mind in the future. How about going to a higher peak?

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