"If you have something to say, please finish it once."

"You go and tell the wolf to travel thousands of miles for a gold coin. If you don’t buy it, we will sell it to the fifth element and Eternal. We will sell it to whoever trades with us first."
"… this trick is poisonous enough!" Wave after think about spirits "I see the Wolf clan dare not buy? If he doesn’t buy Wolf Harbor, I’m afraid he will be occupied and caught in the PK. The higher the score, the more noticeable it will be. "
"There is also a key point, eternity and the fifth element. I am very worried that we will sell gold coins to the Wolf clan, and I am very willing to attack and trade with us on a large scale." Wu Xin confessed that "this point is also clear to the Wolf."
"Four or two pounds" praised the dragonfly "Shepherd Pei!"
"Thank you for your praise."
Chapter ninety Nautical star
The wolf was angry for thousands of miles. He thought it was bad to be afraid of people, but he didn’t expect this group of people to be bad. They really had something to do. They came back so gently and inexplicably accepted the initiative to buy! 1 that’s too black to be black. The price of the guild has income, which is a small part of the guild’s gold. There are also 2% profit kickbacks for merchant ships registered by the guild every time they run. This 2% is an extra payment. It is a system to encourage the guild to develop a measure to collect taxes from the resident factories, NPC residents and foreign ships in the future, but the primary foundation is investment and expenditure, and there is no return yet. Of course, in the future, there will be more and more ships, and the profits will be higher and higher after the voyage is lengthened, and the profits of the guild will be more and more abundant
If you don’t buy it and get it forever, it’s okay that the scores of the three guilds are almost the same, but if you get it as the fifth element, it’s very bad, which means that the score of the fifth element throwing wolves is nearly 100% different. According to the current situation, it can be recovered if it is not an activity or two activity days. What’s even worse is that the strength of the fifth element is stronger than that of the wolves.
The wolf traveled thousands of miles to export the atmosphere and asked, "There is no gold to transfer money!"
Wave head quickly calculated a according to the black market price of 13 deduct their investment into a pure profit, each person can be divided into more than twenty thousand real money wave frank way "ok! I give the account money first and then money. "
"Money first, then money" travels thousands of miles and is unwilling to believe that waves can be such a threat to everyone. It is really hard to believe that.
"That’s the intermediary." The so-called waves are all small money but only a few thousand dollars
"Are you going through the formalities?"
"One person and half!"
At the end of the second match day, the players were shocked by the Wolf clan, which is not the hottest guild. After two games, they scored 230 points, which was more than 110 points higher than the second place and the fifth element, leading all the guilds.
Tong announced the points and announced the third match day project hunting! From one o’clock in the morning, the fog will fall from Zhoushan lieutenant. Each guild can send ten ships to the sea. The guild president must go to sea.
The so-called hunting is that the hunting president sinks the president’s boat and gets 30 points. The killing president gets 50 points. The president who is also sunk will be deducted 30 points. Each president has three chances to die more than three times and then withdraws from the day’s activities. His boat has no points.
This hunting not only tests the captain’s sailing skills, but also tests the professional ability and cooperation of each profession, and also tests the coordination and deployment ability of the fleet. Of course, it also tests the strength of the guild. For example, NPC sailors have been eating for a few days for nothing, and finally the small guild is a glorious field. Although they have not hired NPC sailors, they can sink the other party’s president and try not to meet the ship as much as possible.
For the first time, the forum was sorted out by actively participating players’ human flesh, and the presidents mounted it.
Everyone was surprised to find that all the presidents except the fifth element, the small fan, were all captains, that is to say, they were already bound to the ship, and the small fan belonged to the free man, and any ship he wanted could be the fifth element, which obviously did not occupy the wind in the competition.
"This ratio is really interesting." Cockroaches are very proud. After all, the one who takes advantage is his sister.
"It’s your sister, not you. You can be proud, but you can’t be proud … What’s there to be proud of?" Wave criticized cockroaches. After education, he said, "Ten ships of the Wolf clan have our quota, but we don’t follow the wolves for thousands of miles, but we go to find the target ourselves. Every time we kill a president, 50 gold will sink the president’s ship, and 30 gold will be exchanged for one gold."
"The outbreak of death is getting more and more petty" Wu Xin was dissatisfied. "He spent almost two thousand dollars yesterday."
"Shepherd, don’t you know a popular saying in the forum?" Dragonfly asked
Wu Xin wondered, "What?"
"I curse you for doing business with the shepherd," Youer replied for the dragonfly. "You have been selected as one of the top ten candidates for the moon navigation star by players. The reason why you were named is that several guild presidents jointly recommended you."
Wu Xin even wondered, "When did it happen?"
"Today … is wrong. It should be that the waves in the daytime were also famous yesterday," Youer said. "The reason for the name of the waves is that the video of Hong Kong rushed to crush things, and people like Thunder, Sparrows, Wolves Traveling Thousands of Miles, and Wrath Blade Armor were also famous."
"It is said that the captain will be awarded the first sailing star" is well-founded. After all, the wave is a national glory. When the piracy industry in the country continues to be in a downturn, it is always necessary to connect with the international piracy environment. This connection is the international nature evaluation. "The captain forum left a message that it is necessary to brush up some pirate rewards, so that international peers can not look down on this decision, and many players have supported it."
Dragonfly asked, "many candidates of shepherd have spoken in the forum. Don’t you say something?"
"I’ve always kept a low profile and always regarded it as a floating cloud of honor without substantial benefits." Wu Xin laughed. "What are we talking about? Anyway, we can play a few laps in an hour."
"Girls don’t play mahjong," Lang said, "You’re a good girl and go around the forum!"
All the presidents of the game are forced to go out to sea. If the president has something to do in the middle, he can appoint the manager of the same professional guild to take over for at least one hour. Zhoushan Vice not only has a dense fog with visibility less than 20 meters, but also many lighthouses. Players who are close to the lighthouse for 50 meters can spend one gold to check the name of the president in the nearby waters for one hour.
Although the dreaded mahjong match is in full swing, it is still stared at by the dissatisfaction of the compulsory sailing friend line. "Small fan, let us help you find out the location of the wolf’s eternal guardian." The boss of the eternal guild, the eternal king, has often heard that he has gone abroad to compete recently, and everything in the guild is the eternal guardian to work hard
Wave laughed. "Cockroaches are black and white for your sister."
"More humorous is the eternal guardian alliance. I want us to check the wolf’s journey and the position of the small fan." Friends spread their hands
Bai Wen sighed, "But the fact is that although everyone links us, everyone doesn’t believe us." The three guilds all know that Wei Hao will try his best to inquire about his own news and exchange money, but at the same time he will also inquire about his own news. It is the most humorous anti-logic joke of the century.
"Turn left" Dragonfly suddenly shouts "One"
When the waves turned in a hurry, a medium-sized ship appeared in the thick fog and the hull of the dread was wiped over. Both sides were scared out in a cold sweat, and the crew of the dread was also "small fan!"
"Docking!" The wave shouted at the same time and reached the ship’s instructions. He didn’t think about what he wanted to shout so loudly.
Even if the situation immediately sets up the docking means to connect the two ships, the cockroach will be furious "Don’t pick it up!" Take out your gun and aim at the waves.
Chapter ninety-nine capsize
"It’s already answered," said Wu Xin’s cockroach. "It’s good for everyone if your sister is willing to pay 60 gold. How can we be difficult for your sister?"
"Do you want to earn sixty gold without playing?" Small fan wry smile this money or not? To avoid everyone’s attention, Xiao Fan, this ship is without NPC sailors. Just now, it was too thrilling to shout. As a result, it attracted the attention of Wei Hao and was recognized. Although this ship is a good player, it really has no confidence in Xiao Fan. Cockroaches have already reported the strength of Wei Hao members to a doctor who can cure drugs, a perverted archer and an enemy gunner who can fight a boat alone.

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