Ootutuki Hagoromo Shi has been secretly protecting this world, but Shu Mao thinks he may have other ideas about this world! What would say that?

In fact, he has been the king of this planet since Hiya Otsuka, and he founded Enduring Sect and did it.
And after his death, the two of them directly set off blood shed in this world! Before he died, he probably didn’t know about the Black Darkness, but after he died, he must have found the Black Darkness, even if it was well done and hidden, he would surely be able to see it!
You know, Hei Jue has been planning for so many years, and the plan has always been around them. It is because he has received six notes that he must pay attention to his own son, so he is bound to see Hei Jue and he can perceive the origin of Hei Jue!
Is it really good that he finally watched our sons conquer each other for ten thousand years? There are only two children in the family. Will they have a fight for ten thousand years? More than a dozen metempsychosis? Is this what a father should do? You’re a psycho. Okay!
He said that his power directly interferes with the operation of the world, but in the end, what can he do to help Naruto and Sasuke? You know, before the two of them appeared, there were a lot of Indra and Asura reincarnated. Why can Naruto persuade Sasuke to come back, but the reincarnated can’t persuade each other to come back? Although there are black tricks, if Liudao really intervenes, then he will certainly be able to do it!
But in fact he chose to watch! It’s even worse to watch our children fight again and again, hurt each other again and again, and die together again and again! This hatred has lasted for thousands of years. Is he really not crazy?
So what’s the good of letting them finally be at odds with him?
Suddenly Shu Mao thought of an important thing, that is, before Sasuke and Naruto were born, there was no reincarnation, that is to say, there was no reincarnation in this world before that. Does that mean there was no reincarnation in this world before that?
From the last battle, we can see that Liudao easily brought back the souls of the previous generation of shadows, which means that none of them actually entered the reincarnation! But isn’t this a huge BUG? What happened to Indra and Asura’s metempsychosis?
They are not reincarnated from filth, but directly reincarnated into this world. Can they be reincarnated? Nobody else can? What is the reason?
Shu Mao thinks more and more that something is wrong. Ootutuki Hagoromo has a big problem! But all this is just his guess! The most important thing is that bijuu seems to be very close to him!
What is bijuu? Bijuu is a weapon of war. How many people will die when Bijyudama goes to war? So now the question is, who is best for so many people who have died and so many souls can’t be reincarnated?
The appearance of the eye circle indicates the end of this feud that has lasted for ten thousand years. So why wait until the eye circle appears to end this feud?
Finally, Shu Mao remembered the place where the bones were full of purgatory in Juelongling. Who made that place? What if it’s six lanes? Then what’s his purpose?
What happened that he didn’t come out to reconcile before the round eye appeared, but he couldn’t wait to reconcile when the round eye appeared?
Now Shu Mao’s brain is a mess. He wants to know too much and he has too much to understand! At the same time, he also found that he really knows very little about the circle eye, at least for now, it is only superficial!
Shu Mao even assumes that if the circle of eyes represents the power of reincarnation, then it is a power of order, which indicates that wandering souls in this world will be reborn, so will those dead souls before be reborn? For example, yin and yang teachers, such as samurai!
If they are all born again, does it mean that they can also usher in a new spring for the two professions of samurai and yin and yang division? If so, the ninja profession is bound to be severely impacted, so that the six ways to keep the eye from appearing in this world can be explained!
But do the six roads have these benefits? Shu Mao’s intuition tells him that there is a deeper pursuit of the six ways, but at present he doesn’t know what this pursuit is!
Shu Mao’s doubts about Liu Dao have been thoroughly exhibited! Actually, this is not the first time he has felt six ways, but the problem is that this time he spent a little time thinking about it and finally found that six ways may be really very problematic!
Shu Mao wants to try to touch the one or six paths, but unfortunately the six roots won’t give him a chance to touch them. I don’t know if something is wrong. When the six paths appeared, he was wearing a black cloak and wrapped the whole soul directly in it!
Judging from this soul breath, Shu Mao should be Hexao, but he doesn’t understand why Hexao wants to cover himself up. He didn’t cover himself up when he met Sasuke and Naruto. So why did he do this this time? Is it to guard against him?
Chapter 614 Leiling brings surprises
After Shu Mao got Lei Ling, he took Lei Ling directly to the psychic world and let Shu Mao have an accident.
Just after LeiLing appeared in the psychic world, LeiLing actually flew half-length, and the whole sky lit up directly, and the dark feeling in the sky was immediately swept away.
Shu Mao clearly saw that the black gas was directly tied by Leiling Lei Guang, and the department was swallowed up by him, while Leiling made a big circle.
When Shumao saw this, he knew that Leiling had a miraculous effect against the dark tree!
Shumao directly brought Leiling to the nearly dead fairy tree at the top of Huaguo Mountain. Leiling turned around the fairy tree several times, and his body Lei Guang kept flashing.
The people of Pegasus and Apes nearby were attracted by the changes in Xianshu, and they came behind Shumao one after another.
"My Lord, this is …" Pegasus asked.
As soon as Feima came to Huaguo Mountain, he heard of this magical fairy tree. To his surprise, the fairy tree almost died and fell into a deep sleep. Even before Maomao, he said that he could find the cause of the fairy tree by other methods.
But this time they watched the luminous body wander around the fairy tree several times, and the fairy tree actually showed signs of resurrection!
The old wrinkled bark fell off, and the new bark inside gave off a strong breath of life. At the same time, all the branches from the root of the fairy tree sprouted, and the fairy tree was young with the naked eye!
Huaguoshan knew about this fairy tree, and all the psychic animals knelt down and murmured as if they were worshipping miracles.
Leiling also consumed a lot of energy, and the light became dim. However, there was still the last darkness in the fairy tree. At this time, it was discovered that the darkness was the dark gas, and the fairy tree became like that because this dark smell was floating in the spirit of the psychic world. After absorbing this energy, the fairy tree could resist the erosion of that kind of power and fall into a deep sleep.
Now that we know what to do, Shu Mao also has a way. He waved at Lei Ling, and Lei Ling seemed to understand Shu Mao’s meaning, but he was confused or hesitated.
Shu Mao didn’t say much about his quick pinch printing with his hands. When Elder Monk saw the handprint, he could probably tell that it was a Lei Dun Ninjutsu seal, but he didn’t know what it was.
"Thunder Thunder Trial!"
All the psychic animals in Huaguo Mountain were attracted by the changes at the top of Huaguo Mountain. It was the dark clouds that didn’t fall, but more and more Lei Guang became brighter and brighter. Looking at the changes in the sky, Lei Ling actually smiled and went to meet Lei Yunfei in the sky.
As soon as he flew to the middle of the tree, the seal of Shu Mao’s Ninjutsu was just finished. At that time, the thunder department split into thunder and lightning in the middle of the flight. Leiling stretched out his hands and opened his mouth, and directly summoned Shu Mao. The thunder department was swallowed up in the gripper or directly, and Leiling’s figure also changed greatly, and soon it became twice as big as before.
When he was full, he burped, and Lei Yun disappeared completely in the sky, and the sky was clear again, as if Lei Yun had never appeared just now
At this time, Leiling once again flew to the top of the fairy tree. From Leiling’s body, several chains were diffused. Something directly stabbed into the fairy tree, and a huge shadow was pulled out from the fairy tree. The shadow seemed to be awake, or he had no consciousness and was directly swallowed up by Leiling. There was no reaction in a row.
As soon as Leiling swallowed the shadow, the fairy tree suddenly shone brightly, and all the branches took out new buds. The fairy tree once again became the sacred and inviolable shape, and the waterfalls of heaven and earth surged even harder. They could all clearly sense that the waterfall was getting louder.

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