When Zhuo Qiang’s attitude has become more friendly, "in this case, can this friend listen to Ge’s advice?" I’m really blind when I first arrived here. I’d be grateful if I could get your advice! "

After seeing that Zhuo Qiang’s words contained the meaning of consulting, the other party also gave Zhuo Qiang a coordinate very readily and said that after passing through the wormhole at the coordinate, he would meet three very close stars in a few days, and there were six planets around that star, and the third […]


She really doesn’t understand.

"Luo-"The door was gently pushed, and a young waitress came in slowly, bowed respectfully to the evening and said carefully, "Queen, you’d better eat a little if you don’t have a meal tonight." "Go out" turned away and didn’t want the waitress to see her face with tears. "Queen, if you don’t eat and starve, […]


However, Qi Zhong said that Feng Yang did well, but he didn’t mean by Feng Yang Operator Technician Association, but said that he is doing well now, and he didn’t show nervousness and cowardice in the face of himself. His mind is really good.

"I’m flattered by my predecessors," Feng Yang said humbly. His purpose is to make more friends who can become his own amulets. In front of the strong man, he gives him a strong threat and shows his strength. He is too much higher than him. It is absolutely stupid to show too much pride in […]


It’s impossible for Arroyo to deal with Louxia himself. All actions are so consistent, and Arroyo can’t fight Louxia without relying on himself. That is to say, Arroyo deliberately revealed the news of the magic baby flower to Louxia through Luo Lang to design all kinds of things now.

Unconsciously, I was actually designing myself. It’s an exquisite chess game! "I …" Arroyo bit her lip and bowed her head. Suddenly she raised her head and exclaimed. "Husband!" …… at dusk There are still wonderful flowers floating in the new house. A ray of setting sun sneaked in from the windowsill, reflecting the carved […]


She backed down in the face of many powerful enemies.

"Do you have any plans for coming?" Nine emperors asked that it was impossible to fight. Maybe they could die hundreds of times with a snap of their fingers. "Go to Blood Cliff" Liu Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and as soon as he got close to the blood cliff, he immediately resonated. He thought that […]

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