It’s time to reward this battle on merit. People like Brother Maitreya, Qing Si, Chang Chong and Xia Zi must give some benefits for their efforts. There is still a need to balance the old and young people in a group department with some influential bosses, and the rest is naturally Mr. Worm.

But today, Mr. Worm smiled after hearing Hu Yidao’s distribution plan with a frown. "Supposedly, the distribution is good, but one person is omitted …" Everyone looked at each other, and Hu Yidao was even more confused. Last night, he approved the plan again and again for fear of forgetting who was missing today. "That […]


This deep-sea monster doesn’t seem to be a reckless monster. Those two know that killing idiots is completely different. He has brought more doubts to Wu Ming.

Boom A huge body fell into the sea and set off another wave. Today, the creatures in the East China Sea may be particularly scared. The continuous spread of waves has caused a tsunami. Several small islands were destroyed by the tsunami, and a worm-shaped island in the far northwest was unfortunately sunk into the […]


Colchicine took the opportunity to be whimsical and clamoured to gamble with platinum people to give a loser to the winner, 1 yuan. Ye Yuhan was the first to respond. Of course, Li-na Bai would not object to looking at each other and nodding at the same time.

Looking at each other during the day with Xia Xue is also exciting. Platinum is willing to spend 30,000 yuan to celebrate their 5 th wedding. They have no reason to be afraid of losing RMB in cash. It’s the first time for Yao Lin to encounter this kind of thing. She likes Qiushui very […]


Xue Wanshu listened to Li Chongjiu so clearly that he clearly remembered the scene at that time when he saw the people around him. "Wang heard that Zhuojun, who had wooed Luo Chengmou, had given McCullough an engagement to his daughter, but it seemed that they were not married until the day when McCullough died, so the woman was still unmarried. Whether the king sent this woman to the palace to wait for suppression or directly sent it to the palace to place the queen knew."

Li Chongjiu turned to look at Xue Wanshu’s heart. The battleship was already anchored and the hull was shaking slightly. The breeze came to Li Chongjiu and said simply, "No need." Xue Wanche misunderstood what he meant. Li Chongjiu wanted to say that this woman reminded him of Li Zhiwan several years ago. Many things […]


This scene tore his heart from his eyes.

At that time, Su Ling clearly realized that Xiao Ning was holding her tighter and tighter. Everything was a foregone conclusion and she was still awake. Su Ling couldn’t help but chuckle and ask, "Xiao Ning, you just appeared to let this happen?" Su Ling’s wrist also cleverly attacked his back, and at the same […]



"The breeze!" "genus!" "Ink shadow!" "genus!" "Drunk!" "genus!" Burn old dye cold forehead his thin lips spit out a chill and call out four close-fitting dark guards! Every time I speak, I am accompanied by a ban on the line! While he wore a black brocade robe, although there was no pattern, it happened that […]

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