Yang night listening to sleep out of the question to just look to one side of the aquarium soft ray a turn Monsieur beaucaire ling Ma Bai Yang night doubt continued, "Later, soft ray also gave up the last bit of persistent belief and left the domain, and the red domain owner put him in this I have summer throat together."

"I see, but why didn’t the red domain master get up before I came?" Yang night nodded suddenly looked up and asked. "Red Bi, you are now the red domain owner and the white domain owner. You don’t know if you have arranged for us to come to this anonymous place. They are both red […]


It’s so hateful

Tai Huang and A Jiu were stopped by this thunder shock drink, and quickly let go and move quickly and retreat to one side. But although two people retired, they didn’t look very good when they saw Xiao Huang. It is rare for two people to say "bad guys, big bad guys" Xiao Huang’s face […]


I promise I will never be angry with you again.

"Little Sensen …" The little girl’s face was full of tears. She slowly turned to look at it and blew Chen Senran a kiss to Evelyn’s eyes. She said calmly, "You will die." Evelyn froze. At that moment, she was the ultimate predator. She actually felt a little scared. "You, want, die" is accompanied by […]


"Don’t mention it. It’s my fault that I’m late to apologize." Izriel didn’t refuse Chen Senran’s friendship. He gave Chen Senran a hug gracefully, and even his face, which used to be like a dead man, pulled out a very stiff smile. "Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since we met Mr. Chen Senran. We must have a good chat, chat, forget, ah."

Everything has been like a touching scene when old friends meet and tears cross their eyes, but even Galen couldn’t help but frown when Izriel waved his precision Heicks technology arms and slapped Chen Senran’s shoulder to say the last sentence. Because everyone can feel that the last sentence of reminiscence is so gnashing his […]


It is not easy to create a combinable marksmanship.

"Every marksmanship power seems to be 9911. I’ll give it a try." Tengqingshan immediately went out of the house into the courtyard. Teng Qingshan, with a gun in his hand, practiced seriously according to the description. "Hoo!" "Sniff!" Once the pike is put into use, it explodes, and sometimes it sounds like a simple marksmanship. […]


Mei Yufang got up and sat sideways at the gambling table, slowly pulled out a cigarette and put it in her mouth. She was in no hurry to get a lighter. Sure enough, a guest flattered her and lit a cigarette. She took a deep breath and spat out a round smoke ring at the waves.

When she did these moves, her eyes were still staring at the waves, and her eyes seemed to be somewhat tempting and somewhat contemptuous and provocative. The waves looked at Yu-Fang Mei unmoved, and suddenly she lifted her hand and turned it over. Everyone was surprised that Mei Yufang looked down at the other card […]

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