"Hay!" Chai Tian Yingjie got up and bowed deeply.

"How much strength to eat! When we are children, we should allow adults to eat more … "Shibata Hiroshi put the teacup on the table and got up and walked to the window with his back to Chai Tian Yingjie." When we grow up, we will eat as much as them … Now prepare the […]


"We might as well try," Cheyenne said.

Wen Renqing immediately set out to arrange it. She picked out some flexible occupations and placed them in four corners separately, and then let four forces attack the guardian at the same time. The guardian was instantly attracted to the past and the delivery position became white. Cheyenne summoned a skeleton and told it to […]


How many years have Xiao Bai and Ye Guchen stayed? Ye Guchen just shouted that, and Xiaobai immediately understood what to do. Without saying anything, shout at top of voice, in an instant, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and directly hit behind the disciples of Fu Luzong. The thunder and lightning were all latosolic red. If someone were here, it would be found that this was nothing else. The whole "Rise of the Legend Fairy Thunder" swallowed by Xiaobai that day was just worthless in terms of volume and energy level, compared with what Xiaobai ate that day.

"Rise of the Legend Fairy Thunder" appeared during the four or nine days of the fix-true, and it was powerful. It was not a problem for these people in the then period, and Xiaobai didn’t want to kill them. It was just paralysis, which made them panic and hurt them. That was enough. It was […]


Pei gave Nalan Yunhua a twitching look at her warm mouth. So this man is Master Yunhua, the old man he said was dead? What do they have against each other that they should call each other …

"Teacher … teacher? ….. You … "Pei warm forefinger in NaLanYunHua and the old man moved back and forth. The old man seems embarrassed to go around his head. "Hey, hey, daughter-in-law, I forgot to introduce myself. It’s this smelly superfine product. Hahaha ~ ~" "I don’t have a teacher like you." He’s such a […]


Yang night listening to sleep out of the question to just look to one side of the aquarium soft ray a turn Monsieur beaucaire ling Ma Bai Yang night doubt continued, "Later, soft ray also gave up the last bit of persistent belief and left the domain, and the red domain owner put him in this I have summer throat together."

"I see, but why didn’t the red domain master get up before I came?" Yang night nodded suddenly looked up and asked. "Red Bi, you are now the red domain owner and the white domain owner. You don’t know if you have arranged for us to come to this anonymous place. They are both red […]


It’s so hateful

Tai Huang and A Jiu were stopped by this thunder shock drink, and quickly let go and move quickly and retreat to one side. But although two people retired, they didn’t look very good when they saw Xiao Huang. It is rare for two people to say "bad guys, big bad guys" Xiao Huang’s face […]

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