Mei Yufang got up and sat sideways at the gambling table, slowly pulled out a cigarette and put it in her mouth. She was in no hurry to get a lighter. Sure enough, a guest flattered her and lit a cigarette. She took a deep breath and spat out a round smoke ring at the waves.

When she did these moves, her eyes were still staring at the waves, and her eyes seemed to be somewhat tempting and somewhat contemptuous and provocative.
The waves looked at Yu-Fang Mei unmoved, and suddenly she lifted her hand and turned it over.
Everyone was surprised that Mei Yufang looked down at the other card and almost vomited blood!
The wave card is a "long three" at six o’clock, but it is only that Zhang Tian card!
Tianpai levelled Tianpai "Changsan" at six points, which is higher than "Copper Hammer Six", so the wave wins. Even if Mei Yufang is exactly the same as the wave, the wave is the banker and the wave wins!
The victory or defeat of the first game in the gambling game is very important, because the winner can take the lead, not only the psychological advantage, but also the weather advantage, plus the applause of the audience, which can be said to be the weather, location, people and people! It is much more difficult for the loser to regain the disadvantage.
Cheng Fang was very excited and leaned over and took all the chips in front of Mei Yufang.
Although Mei Yufang was anxious to death in her heart, she did not show her face. Instead, she frowned slightly, smiled and glanced at the waves. She stared at the waves and didn’t launch a card in front of them. She said, "It’s my own game!"
The waves are staring at Meiyu’s heart, and she must pursue victory before she can completely defeat this woman’s psychological defense and make her mental breakdown.
Everyone was silent. Obviously, the tragic scene of the waves and Mei Yufang’s short-cut hand-to-hand combat and bloody knife is more thrilling than gambling on their own!
What’s more, some of them don’t have that much money, and some people dare not do the right thing with the waves.
The waves are now the red star Mei Yufang in front of the Wang, but the lover of the elder Chen Jinqiang. These two people will have a look when they fight evenly!
The waves smiled and said, "How much?"
Yu-fang mei pushed the chip forward again and said, "Take it! One million! "
The waves laughed. "Beauty is very excited about gambling! Leave the hand! " Roll the dice and deal immediately.
Mei Yufang stared at the wave face without looking at the opponent’s winning card. She turned it up with a pair of "Renwu" so that no one could predict her victory or defeat.
The waves folded the two cards and picked them up. The first one was "bench four". Cheng Fang became nervous again. You know, this bench four is the most difficult to match cards, and you have to lose from six o’clock to eleven.
Because the other side took the "human card at five o’clock", even if they got a tiger’s head at eleven o’clock, they still had to lose to the other side.
The spirit of the waves is steep and the eyes are radiant. Suddenly, the wrist is turned and the two cards are leveled together. Slowly take the palm of your hand and slowly show the palm of your hand.
Surprised all around, Mei Yufang looked down and saw that the other side was actually a bench with four matches and three matches. It was seven o’clock and she won the game again!
The waves looked at Mei Yufang coldly and said, "Does it seem that Miss Mei has no chips now?"
Mei Yufang lost all her chips, but she didn’t change her face. She suddenly smiled and picked up a chip from her ass. She laughed, "I still have a 10 thousand chip."
It turned out that this chip was leaked by Mei Yufang when the department was launched just now. It was the lowest price. The face value of 10 thousand yuan was not pushed to the desktop according to the casino rules. The money is still owned by the original owner. Mei Yufang can still gamble with the waves again
The waves can also be turned away because Mei Yufang has 10 thousand pieces of the lowest price code root, which is not worth his further shot.
Everyone watching the waves will reject each other, but the waves are quietly staring at Mei Yufang.
Mei Yufang is not afraid to look up at the waves and say with a provocative smile, "Is Mr. Hai afraid to play?"
The waves suddenly smiled and beckoned Cheng Fang to come over, whispered a few words in Cheng Fang’s ear, and then smiled at Mei Yufang and said, "Well, if Miss Mei wants to play another game, of course I will."
The waves now see that Mei Yufang has been pestering her since she was lofty, but it is certain that this woman is trying to attract his attention. There must be a special purpose to get close to him!
The waves laughed in their hearts. "You don’t play this little trick when you always wear crotch pants. Do you still play? Ok, let’s see who can lift who’s appetite! "
The waves calmed down and the card said, "Miss Mei has bet 10 thousand yuan this time, right?"
Mei Yufang smiled "Yes!"
The waves say "good!"
He sat steady and steady as Mount Tai, rolled the dice and dealt cards without the domineering and posturing just now.
Everyone felt that this wave year was light and calculating, but it was very deep. At the most time, the powerful momentum suppressed the opponent’s hand. After winning, he avoided dryness and arrogance and took a slow and steady battle. It is not true that he should have calculation at his age.
The waves handed the cards to Mei Yufang instead of playing them. They picked up a card, squinted, touched and fumbled with their fingers. After this one, they buckled the table and touched another one. After fumbling, they put it on the desktop and raised their eyes to look at Mei Yufang.
Mei Yufang looks a little nervous, because this is her only chip. If she really loses tonight, she will be penniless.

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