It’s so hateful

Tai Huang and A Jiu were stopped by this thunder shock drink, and quickly let go and move quickly and retreat to one side.
But although two people retired, they didn’t look very good when they saw Xiao Huang.
It is rare for two people to say "bad guys, big bad guys"
Xiao Huang’s face is even uglier. He led people all the way in.
Tai Huang Ma Li waved her hand at Chen Taifei’s side. "I won’t talk to bad people when I leave."
Chen Taifei hurriedly led Bao Pingan and others to tell Xiao Huang and Su Wan to follow Xiao Cong and went out.
Xiao Huang came to see his father feel uncomfortable, but now it is not difficult for them to make it. Some are annoyed.
One fool is a headache enough. Now, okay, here come two fools.
Xiao Huang looked at A Jiu A Jiu and looked at him and ran away. Xiao Cong immediately realized that she was looking at the first Su Wan, "Mother, I’m hungry. I’m going to eat."
With a wave of his hand, he led Ziyu and others to turn around and walk away, chanting "the big bad guy"
Xiao Huang kept grinding his teeth when he looked back. If this guy hadn’t saved them once, he would have let him out of the palace. He cares if he lives or dies.
Su Wan saw Xiao Huang’s face was pale, and hurriedly waved the temple people away and walked beside Xiao Huang, stretched out his hand and pulled him to sit on one side of the hall.
"How did you get here?"
Xiao Huang felt much better when she heard Su Wan speak softly. She stretched out her hand and picked up Su Wan, sat down on her leg and kissed Su Wan’s mouth with a chuckle, "I miss you."
Su wan’s face turned a little red, although she gave birth to two sons, but this confession still made her heart beat faster and her cheeks dyed red.
It is precisely because of these red silk that she has added charm and beauty.
Once upon a time, a cute little girl made a beautiful little woman and she was his wife.
Just thinking about him, I feel my heart reaching out and hugging her tightly and putting my face in Su Wan’s neck.
"It’s good to have you."
Su Wan didn’t move for a while before she said softly, "Don’t worry about my father. I’ll try to cure his brain as soon as possible."
Xiao Huang shook his head. "I’m not in a hurry to see that although he is stupid, he can still shout, so I won’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with that."
At least he can witness his fath’s love for him.
The love he had never seen when he was a child is now well presented to him, making him feel the deep love of his father.
Su Wan no longer said anything, but smiled and smiled in Xiao Huang’s arms.
After a while, Xiao Huang thought of an unlovable figure looking at Su Wan and saying, "But when will that A Jiu be sent away? Maybe I’ll keep him in the palace."
Although that guy is a fool, a seven-foot-tall man calls his wife and mother all day. He is very frustrated when he listens.
So this guy had better get rid of it as soon as possible.
Su Wan rarely nodded in agreement after hearing Xiao Huang’s words. "Well, that’s what I was thinking. A Jiu can’t stay in our palace all the time. I intend to cure him and send him out of the palace."
"Okay, treat this guy first, cure him and send him out."
Xiao Huang thought that A Jiu couldn’t wait to send him out at once. He always disliked that guy very much.
Su Wan chuckled Xiao Huang leaned over and bit Su Wan’s mouth.
Two people are intimate footsteps outside the temple. Su Wan quickly pushed Xiao Huang to sit in his arms.
Xiao Huang is very funny. Now such a comfortable time is his most longing. He really wants time to stay at this moment forever.
Eunuch Xia Shao came in and quickly reported that "Empress Qing Xiao Guo Tai sent someone over."
As soon as Su Wan heard Xia Shao’s words, she remembered that Feng Liye had said that she would be interested in sending her a solution master, and immediately waved Xia Shao to invite people in.
Xia Shao was soon brought out to announce people.
A good girl with a bright face in her thirties came in from outside the temple and saluted Su Wan respectfully. "The handmaiden has seen the Empress."
"What’s your name?"
"When I return to the Empress, the handmaiden and the famous embroidered aunt came to wait on the Empress at the order of Taidian."
Wait on "
"What will you do?"
Embroidered Gu said calmly, "Handmaiden is good at methods of poison. Before the handmaiden comes, Taidian has instructed her to listen to the Empress. Don’t worry, the handmaiden will do her best to serve the Empress."

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